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Theresa Wise

Engineer on the organizational chart

We are fortunate to have a full-time engineer on our staff. However, in developing a new organizational chart, I was wondering how other municipalities who have a full-time or part-time engineer structure their organizational chart.Does your engineer report to the... View answers and respond

Elected Officials Human Resources Management Organizational Development Public Works Service Delivery

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James Williams

Shift Management

I am trying to come up with a shift scenario that would give me three shifts working either 10 or 12 hours per shift and get an average of 80 hours for per two week pay period over a months... View answers and respond

Fire/EMS Public Safety

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[Anonymous] asked

Written Performance Evaluation for Executive

There is a quiet debate among council members over the practice of conducting a written annual performance evaluation for our Town Manager. Specifically, one council member does not agree in the traditional evaluation and wants to discuss non-traditional (verbal)... View answers and respond

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Pamela Weir

Lean organization plans

Good morning,Goodyear, AZ is about 2 years into our Lean journey, and have had success with some training, multiple kaizen and 6s events, and continue to work on connecting Lean efforts to innovation team efforts. As we evolve, we are... View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Innovation Lean Government

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Mary Vinzant

All employee events

How have all employee events been handled by your city or town? For example, state of the city or state of the town? I am looking see what your city or town has done in the past.1. What’s worked?2. How much... View answers and respond

Strategic Planning

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Frank Lancaster

Utility Easements and Broadband Fiber

Has anyone had experience with perfecting existing utility easements to allow for the installation of broadband fiber? Particularly electric system easements. How did it relate to any smart grid efforts? How do you set a value... View answers and respond

Legal Issues Utilities

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Melissa Zibutis

Volunteer Reception Center for Disaster Recovery

We are writing a Volunteer Reception Center Plan to go along with our Emergency Operations Plan for our City (Emergency Support Function #17 Volunteer and Donation Management)Before we start from scratch - does anyone have a plan we can review/borrow... View answers and respond

Emergencies & Disasters Volunteers

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Josh Jones

City Marquee Use Guidelines

Many cities have electronic marquee signs in a central location. Does anyone have written policy guidelines for the use of the city marquee? i.e. a community theater group wants to highlight their upcoming performance with a date, time, location, etc.... View answers and respond

Citizen Education Citizen Engagement

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Berna Oztekin-Gunaydin

Citizen code enforcement deputies

Can anyone help me how to get information about citizen code enforcement and on citizen code enforcement deputies? Thank you in advance. View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems Citizen Engagement Code Enforcement Housing & Community Development Management

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Darrell Hofland

Facility Ownership Structure

I am seeking "Best Practices" for the ownership structure of a refurbished arena. Currently, it is municipally owned. A local group is organizing a major capital campaign to renovate the historic structure. Capital donors expect a tax deduction.... View answers and respond

Economic Development

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