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Marcos Nichols

Law Department/Legislative Process

The City of Hamilton is changing it's process. We are going to have Directors and Chiefs become responsible for drafting their ordinances and resolutions for their respective departments. Once they draft everything, it will be sent to the City Manager's... View answers and respond

Contracts Human Resources Legal Issues Outside Employment Privatization Process Improvement

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Barbara Lai

Benchmarking practices

I would like information on how cities and counties use benchmarking data from other jurisdictions. Is it used in your transparency documents reported to the public, such as budgets, performance reports and strategic plans? View answers and respond

Benchmarking High Performance Organizations Performance Management and Analytics Process Improvement Strategic Planning

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Donald Gloo

Fire Hydrant Painting

This might be the most specific question of the day, but here goes.Lake County, IL, is would like to hear from other local governments / fire departments / water departments who have used "Intercure® 99 Direct to Metal Polyaspartic" to... View answers and respond

Fire/EMS Performance Management and Analytics Process Improvement Public Safety Public Works Utilities Water & Sanitation

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Izzy Murguia

Procurement Manual

Hello -I am looking for sample municipal procurement/purchasing manuals? If your city has one, could you please provide? Thank you! View answers and respond

Contracts Finance and Budgeting

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Jennifer Pfiffner

Smoke Free Campus

The University in our community is contemplating instituting a smoke-free campus policy. We are interested in how other cities work with this type of policy. Input, experience, best practices, etc is greatly appreciated! View answers and respond

Legal Issues Public Policy Town and Gown

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Shawn Kessel

Organizational Flowcharts

The community I manage is the 2nd fastest growing micropolitan in the US. All the pundits are projecting we will grow to be a community of between 50,000 to 55,000 people in 7 years from our 2010 census population... View answers and respond

Economic Development Finance and Budgeting Leadership Management Organizational Development Personnel Matters

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Keri Fothergill

Household Pollution (HHP) Collection Facility

Currently, The City of Tulsa works with The Metropolitan Environmental Trust (M.e.t) to hold two Household Pollution (HHP) collection events a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The events are usually held over a Saturday and... View answers and respond

Environment Public Works Sustainability Waste & Sanitation Water & Sanitation

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Jeffrey Trinker

Special events policies for City events.

Does anyone work for a City with a special events policy oriented towards City-operated special events? I have found several that address outside groups planning an event but I have not had luck finding one for special events planned... View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Kay Booth
Kay Booth asked

Dogs off leash

Who do I call to report a large dog in my yard? Can't go outside. View answers and respond

Animal Control

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Leslie Beauregard

Alignment of Department Scorecards with City's Strategic Plan

So, we have a pretty new strategic plan in place and are now talking about how we start to report out on this....but in addition, how we also reflect operationally what departments are already doing (not in the strategic plan... View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Innovation Management Performance Management and Analytics Strategic Planning

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