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Jamie Gwynn

Videographer Charging Too Much

Does anyone have a really detailed RFP for Videographers? My township pays way too much to a videographer who uses technical jargon to explain why he has to work countless hours rewiring things and such, and it's fishy to... View answers and respond

Contracts Ethics Legal Issues Management

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Timothy McLean

RFP's for Assessing Services

The Village of Jonesville is in the final stages of incorporation as a Home Rule City in Michigan. Consequently, we will have to take on the added service of Assessing. Our plan is to contract for assessing services. I was... View answers and respond

Service Delivery

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Patricia Himelberger

Licensing Town Logo

Has any municipality licensed its adopted town logo (not seal) for retail merchandising? View answers and respond

Arts and Culture Outsourcing Partnerships Procurement

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M. Fitzgibbon

Paid On-Call Fire Fighters

Does your municipality have paid on-call fire fighters? If yes, how many do you have and what is the pay? View answers and respond

Council-Manager Form of Government Employee Surveys Fire

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[Anonymous] asked

Clarity on Political Activities

As the political campaign season heats up, I was hoping to get some clarity as to who the political activities section in the Code of Ethics applies to. I am entry-level local government employee and would like to volunteer... View answers and respond

Ethics Political Activity

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Robert Bentkofsky

Benefit of ICMA TV?

Is there benefit to a city or county by being featured on ICMA TV. Other than exposure to the membership, what other non- government stakeholders are being reached that may have a direct or indirect benefit to a community? View answers and respond


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Shannon Flanagan-Watson

Open Office Concepts

Arlington County is seeking benchmarking information from jurisdictions using open office concepts, which may include extended telecommuting and hoteling arrangements. The following information, to extent available, will be most beneficial for us.1) Did you choose to implement an open... View answers and respond

Change Management Management Organizational Culture

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Stephanie McHenry

Contracted Employees

Does your municipality utilize rear loaders for any of your collection processes? If so, are the individuals on the back of the vehicle contracted employees or employees of your municipality? Approximately, what percentage of your collection for refuse/recycle... View answers and respond

Solid Waste Collection and Disposal

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Patricia Dioguardi


I want to check on my beneficiaries listed View answers and respond


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Marcos Nichols

Economic Development Incentives for "Green Energy/Sustainability" Companies

The City of Hamilton already offers the traditional economic development incentives (expedited permitting/waiver, tax incentives, loan incentives, as well as training incentives) and we are simply looking to see if any community has implemented unique economic development tools/incentives for “green... View answers and respond

Air, Climate, Water Business Retention Community Development Economic Development Incentives Redevelopment Renewable Energy Solar Energy

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