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Jose De La Cruz

Food Inspections Grading System

Hi, We are currently working on a project with our Food Inspections division. I wanted to know if anyone has implemented a food facility placard system (ex. ABC or Green, Yellow, Red). If so, what has your success... View answers and respond

Benchmarking Code Enforcement Food Security Health Healthy Living Innovation Leadership Lean Government Public Health

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[Anonymous] asked

Policy/Ordinance that allows direct purchase alcohol by City for events

Hello, I would like to know if there are any municipalities that have mechanisms in place in which they allow for the purchase of alcoholic beverages for events. For example, we have a very active Economic Development team who... View answers and respond

Economic Development

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Julie Williams

Wellness Incentives

What wellness incentives work best for employee motivation in your organization? Discounts on insurance premiums? Cash rewards? Gift cards? Other? View answers and respond

Healthy Living

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Colin Walker

Business and Strategic Plans for Revenue-Generating Facilities

We are interested in seeing examples of business and/or strategic plans which have been developed for City-owned revenue-generating recreation facilities, with a preference for facilities which are at least full cost recovery. In particular, we're hoping to learn how... View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Rachel Leininger

Non-Traditional Master Plans

I am looking for examples of non-traditional master plans. We are hoping to create a master plan that can act as more of a decision making guide based upon the vision and values of the City rather than being... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Community Branding Economic Development Infrastructure Planning Innovation Process Improvement Strategic Planning

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Matthew Reges

Resident Survey on Solid Waste & Recycling: Good Questions?

I'm staff support for a citizen advisory group on solid waste programs for our County. As an early step in research, we want to do a simple survey of residents --their behaviors on trash and recycling, their level of satisfaction... View answers and respond

Waste & Sanitation

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Jeana Woods

Exempt Employee Time Tracking

Time tracking for exempt employees: I recently was promoted to City Administrator and I am finding that the management (salaried, exempt employees) track and work their time differently. I have some that track comp time when working over 40 hours... View answers and respond

Personnel Matters

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Mary Jaeger

Requiring sidewalks in front of development?

Are there any municipalities that require sidewalk installation in commercial and residential when initial infrastructure is constructed such as streets, water, sanitary etc. Most communities install sidewalk at building permit. We are interested in a policy where developers install the... View answers and respond

Public Works

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Sherwood Edwards

Police Priorities

I am wondering if any one has a document regarding their policing priorities.Thank you View answers and respond


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Alyshia Saltman

B&O Square Footage Tax

Our city is thinking of imposing a B&O tax on businesses operating within the city and I am trying to find information on how other municipalities arrive at a tax rate. I can find expamples of how to calculate the... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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