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Michael Lopez

Police Vehicles

Do any of your cities purchase "Ready for the Road"/Turnkey police vehicles? View answers and respond

Fleets Police

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Timothy McInerney


I am working on my professional development plan and need some help.The a.k.a. identified 5 areas that I could work in: Democratic advocacy and citizen participation interests me the most.Does anyone know of good resource material for this topic?I appreciate... View answers and respond

Citizen Education Citizen Engagement

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Brian Heck

Scheduling for a Small Police Department

I am wondering how other cities with small departments handle the scheduling. Our community provides 24 hour coverage. The Chief covers days (6a.m. - 2 p.m.) Monday - Friday. The other three officers rotate to cover most of the afternoon... View answers and respond

Public Safety

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Gregory Stopka

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives Questions

The Alliance for Innovation held a virtual forum today on Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives. We identified the challenges facing the participating communities in the topic and facilitated an idea-exchange around them. To keep the conversation going, please... View answers and respond


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Jason Rollins

Balancing Organizational Efficiency with Investment in Innovation

How does your organization balance efficiency with investment in innovation to get ahead of trends to build a more resilient community? View answers and respond

Innovation Management Organizational Development

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Joseph Gacioch

Diversity Recruitment and Ongoing Diversity Training

The City of Ferndale is looking for some innovative workforce diversity initiatives that will have an impact on recruiting for the Police Department as well as other city departments. In addition, we are looking for some innovative alternative diversity... View answers and respond

Community Diversity Human Resources

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Tyler Goodman

Private Maintenance of Public Roads

A member asked the Alliance whether or not contracts between counties and private individuals/groups exist for the private maintenance of public roads. We had to do a lot of researching, but here is the answer by way of a model... View answers and respond

Partnerships Public Works

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Jose De La Cruz

Food Inspections Grading System

Hi, We are currently working on a project with our Food Inspections division. I wanted to know if anyone has implemented a food facility placard system (ex. ABC or Green, Yellow, Red). If so, what has your success... View answers and respond

Benchmarking Code Enforcement Food Security Health Healthy Living Innovation Leadership Lean Government Public Health

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[Anonymous] asked

Policy/Ordinance that allows direct purchase alcohol by City for events

Hello, I would like to know if there are any municipalities that have mechanisms in place in which they allow for the purchase of alcoholic beverages for events. For example, we have a very active Economic Development team who... View answers and respond

Economic Development

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Julie Williams

Wellness Incentives

What wellness incentives work best for employee motivation in your organization? Discounts on insurance premiums? Cash rewards? Gift cards? Other? View answers and respond

Healthy Living

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