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Amanda Collins

Corporate Culture

I am interested in knowing what service area/department spearheads Corporate Culture in your organizations. Do you have a "Corporate Culture Specialist" or is it assigned as an additional responsibility to an individual or team. Any job descriptions you may... View answers and respond

Human Services Organizational Culture Organizational Development Organizational Structure

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Joshua Crump

Comprehensive Plan Surveys Inquiry

Doing research on localities surveys for comprehensive plans or community survey in general. Looking for a "best of" or good examples of a localities survey. If anyone knows of any good ones, feel free to share with group. View answers and respond

Citizen Surveys

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Pamela Muse

3-5 Year New Position Forecasting

An Alliance member is interested in learning how other local governments project new positions – 3 to 5 years out. Methodologies, justification, processes, etc. Whatever help/documents, etc. you can provide is appreciated!Pamela MuseWest Regional DirectorAlliance for Innovationpmuse@transformgov.orgwww.transformgov.org 888-468-6450 View answers and respond

Personnel Matters Personnel Policies

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[Anonymous] asked

Salary range Township Administrator

What is the salary range in southwestern Ohio (Cincinnati/Dayton) for Township Administrator's? Maybe 10k to 20k population and approximately $15M annual budget. Or where is a resource to get that information? Thank you. View answers and respond

Benefits Career Resources

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Jenifer Della Valle

Social Media Archiving

I am helping to draft a social media policy for the Town of Hillsborough. One component of the policy deals with archiving social media records. I would like to know what other local governments are using to archive their data,... View answers and respond

Legal Issues Social Media

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Laura Hagg

Integrating and welcoming refugees

I am the project director for ICMA's local economic development program in Jordan and would welcome the opportunity to hear about cities' experiences in welcoming and integrating refugees - particularly in the area of changes in service delivery and integrating... View answers and respond

Change Management Citizen Engagement Community Relations Economic Development International Development Sustainability

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Curry Clifford

Good processes for developing organizational values in a government setting

I am about to embark here in my municipality ( 90,000 pop ) on designing a project that will lead to employee created organizational values.I’ve done a little research, spoken to staff in other municipalities about this, and would appreciate... View answers and respond

Organizational Culture Organizational Development Strategic Planning

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Curry Clifford

How to conduct an office space needs assessment

I am looking to find the methodology/questions that municipalities ask when determining their office space needs.I realize that this is typically done by a consultant (usually an architect) but in our case, I (who am not) have been asked. I've... View answers and respond

Budgeting Facilities Maintenance

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Mark Abeles-Allison

Enterprise Fund Budgeting

I am looking for some tips / resources on enterprise fund budgeting. I understand the difference between the funds but am getting some feedback from enterprise fund managers that they should not be held to the same budgeting expectations... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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