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Andrew Lent

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Does anyone have a sample employee satisfaction survey that I can use? View answers and respond

Human Resources Performance Management Strategic Planning

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Leslie Beauregard

24 Hour Public Bathrooms

Looking for some information from those who have installed 24 hour public bathrooms - like stand alone models, etc. We are researching putting one in or around our Downtown pedestrian mall area. What did they cost to... View answers and respond

Code Enforcement Community Planning Infrastructure Planning Parks and Recreation Public Works Utilities

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Johnny Casias

Policies on regulating drones

Hey guys,Has anyone undertaken implementing policy as it pertains to the regulation of drones? I believe the FAA is still getting started in their proposed regulations but I was wondering if anyone can share any policies city/county-related as it... View answers and respond

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Mark Abeles-Allison

Fleet Purchases

When we bid out county vehicles it seems that certain vehicle makes have steep government discounts while others do not offer these and thus do not compete. Is this true across the nation or just in our area? ... View answers and respond

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Dawn Wucki-Rossbach

Cost of Incarceration/Bond Matrix

Afternoon,We are in the process of reworking our daily cost of incarceration model and was hoping that if you have one that you use if you would be willing to share it with us?Also, if your judges use a bond... View answers and respond

Public Safety

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Kristen Ayers

Diversifying Boards and Commissions

I am looking for some insight into how your community handles the following items pertaining to Boards and Commissions:-Recruitment process for commissioners/members-Mechanisms for engaging and recruiting commissioners/members representative of their demographics-Do you have term limits?-Any other info pertaining to diversifying... View answers and respond

Community Diversity Community Involvement Diversity & Inclusion Volunteers

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Davia Downey

Business Incubator Management

I am a college professor who teaches a course on Community and Economic Development at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. I would like to talk to someone who has working knowledge or experience in running a Business Incubator program?... View answers and respond

Community Planning Economic Development Innovation

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Michele Kohler

Software for Council Agendas

Looking to see what type of software programs that are used to prepare City Council packets. Currently we do ours in word and transfer into pdf. View answers and respond

Management Technology & Data

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Kaitlin Busse

Recommendation on strategic planning software

Looking into citywide strategic planning software. Appreciate any recommendations. View answers and respond

Strategic Planning

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Alicia Phan

How to create value in an internship program?

Hello, I am currently helping with the creation of a new centralized internship program. What are some benefits in utilizing a centralized internship program instead of having each department continue managing their own internship programs? In addition, other than gaining... View answers and respond

Community Involvement Human Resources Organizational Development Volunteers

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