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Marcos Nichols

Adobe Fill-able PDF's

Currently, Adobe LiveCycle is being used to created Adobe PDF's that are fillable and have scripting capabilities. The forms work perfectly on Internet Explorer, however we have recently migrated over to the Google Platform (Google Mail, etc) and away from... View answers and respond

Employee-Employer Relations High Performance Organizations Human Resources Innovation Labor-Management Relations Lean Government Management Organizational Development Personnel Matters Process Improvement Technology

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Mark Abeles-Allison

Common Calendar?

Does your city council or county board share a common electronic calendar for all of your meetings? We are looking for a good way for departments to share schedules with the full board. What program do you use?Thanks. View answers and respond


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Timothy McLean

Team Building Excercise

I am curious to hear about any types of team building exercise or retreats that managers and councils may have engaged in. In particular, I would be interested in what type of exercise was done and how it translated back... View answers and respond

Elected Officials Leadership

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Roscoe Stelford

IL Home Rule Policy

The City of Woodstock is conducting a special census that likely will cause the City’s population to exceed 25,000 resulting in the City achieving Home Rule status. As a result of this possibility, a resident has asked our City... View answers and respond

Public Policy

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Michael Edwards

Council Priority Rankings Process

The City of Auburn, AL is looking for new ideas in soliciting feedback for the development of our upcoming biennial budget. We traditionally have used a simple ranking sheet with broad topics and initiatives and wish to supplement that... View answers and respond

Elected Officials Finance and Budgeting Management

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Jean Savard

Baseball/softball full artificial field

I am looking for city who operate a full artificial baseball/softball field. For instance, do you have any regulation on spike shoes? Do you have different use (softball, Fastball…) and if so, how do you manage different diamond configuration?What is... View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Alex Carmichael

Organizational Development Benchmarking

Hi All,I am looking at models for managing Organizational Development as a function in a city of approximately 60k-120k residents. I am hoping to benchmark organizational charts/structures and am looking for resources to help establish benchmark cities. Can anyone point... View answers and respond

Benchmarking Organizational Development

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Jodene Houser

Assistant City Manager Job Description

We are in the process of creating an assistant City Administrator position, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share theirs with me. I understand that some positions are crafted to meet the needs of the... View answers and respond

Hiring Human Resources Personnel Matters Public Works

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Mark Abeles-Allison

Animal Shelter, Control and Adoption Consolidation Query

Our rural community has one contractor that provides animal control and shelter (1 week hold) services and a second contractor that provides adoption services including longer term holds.We have been approached by one of the contractors to consolidate this into... View answers and respond

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Gerald Young

County-specific performance measures

A working group of county representatives have been developing a list of potential additions to ICMA Insights in order to better track county performance in key priority areas (e.g., jails, courts, health, tax assessment, and social services). The next... View answers and respond

Public Health

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