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Tyler Whitmire

The Residents & Entertainment Tightrope

Here in Fort Lauderdale we are successfully creating an environment where residents can enjoy themselves in the City. Development has sprung up around a vibrant core that hosts marathons, Sunday jazz and late night music events. The... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Code Enforcement Community Branding Community Diversity Economic Development Infrastructure Planning

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Wayne Sommer

HIPAA Compliance

How are you ensuring that your local government is complying with HIPAA regulations? Has anyone developed a compliance checklist they would be willing to share? View answers and respond

Employee-Employer Relations Health Human Resources Legal Issues Personnel Matters

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Tom Homan
Tom Homan asked

Parks and Natural Resources Director

My community is considering establishing the position of Parks and Natural Resources Director. I'm looking for examples of job descriptions from other local governments. View answers and respond

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Chris Kukulski

Vacation buy back contract language

I may be in a position to renegotiate parts of my employment agreement and I would like sample language allowing me to annually cash in up to 80 yours of vacation time. Can anyone offer me language?Thanks!Chris KukulskiCity Manager,... View answers and respond

Career Resources Hiring Labor-Management Relations Personnel Matters

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Brian Chapman

Guide to the Audit for Elected Officals

Hello,I was wondering if anyone had a good guide or educational piece aimed at Council members that explains what's important or how to read an Audit. I have an Audit presentation with my Council and our Auditors in a couple... View answers and respond

Elected Officials Finance and Budgeting

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Samantha Ferrigno

Call for Ideas: Leadership Topics

As you may or may not know, ICMA launched a new blog last month titled Leadership {RE}Imagined. The purpose of this blog is to bring to you leadership best practices and tips to achieve organizational excellence in local government.As we... View answers and respond


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Alan Rosen

Political Activity by City Employees

Does anyone have examples of city (or County) policies for employees covering political activity by employees? I found one from the City of Denison, TX, but others (especially in Florida) would be helpful. Specifically, it would be nice to see... View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Elected Officials Ethics Labor-Management Relations Legal Issues Personnel Matters Public Policy

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Keri Fothergill

Contracted Travel Agency for Municipalities

Looking for municipalities, population size approximately 400,000, that have secured a vendor to provide travel industry services i.e. airline reservations, hotel bookings etc... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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Marcos Nichols

Paid Time Off (PTO) conversion

The City of Hamilton has ten (10) unions and a group of non-union staff. Currently we have several types of leave, (sick, vacation, etc.). We are looking into eliminating all the different buckets of leave types and converting into one... View answers and respond

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Jennifer March-Wackers

Salary Survey Tools

What local government salary survey tools are being used for comparative purposes and what systems are considered to be the best/most robust? View answers and respond

Benchmarking Finance and Budgeting Human Resources

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