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Mark Johnson

Telecommunication Tower Lease

We are entertaining an offer to lease some unused municipal property to a cellular carrier for the installation of a stealth telecommunications (cell) tower. Will you please consider sharing your experiences regarding the current lease rates, contractual language that... View answers and respond

Contracts Economic Development Environment Legal Issues Telecommunications

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Sean Jacobs

A Revenue Manual

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Sean Jacobs. Currently, I serve as a Management Intern for the Village of Carpentersville, Illinois. Please the attachment's questions. Thank you.Sean Jacobs View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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Lisa Brown

Social media retention policy

We are currently reviewing our record retention and public record policies. We do not have a policy pertaining to how social media comments will be retained and what information qualifies as a "public record." The biggest concern is how... View answers and respond

Social Media

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Pamela Muse

Regulating Bicycle/Sidewalk Ordinances

An Alliance member is interested in learning what other local governments are doing with regulating bicycles on city streets - ordinances, resolutions, reports etc.Your time is appreciated,Pam MuseAlliance for Innovation View answers and respond

Planning Public Safety

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Leslie Beauregard

Collecting Data to Measure Customer Service Response Effectivness

What are some good ways to measure the ways we are interacting and responding to our citizens and residents either over the phone, in person or through email? There are some feelings out there that we are not doing... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Citizen Surveys High Performance Organizations Management Organizational Development Performance Management and Analytics

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Rachelle Ballard

Interview Questions

Need interview questions for Deputy Fire Chief position View answers and respond

Fire/EMS Public Safety

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Brian Chapman

Policies related to PayPal

Hello,For any communities that use PayPal to process payments online, could you please share any policies you may have related to disputes, charge backs, etc?Thanks,Brian Chapman View answers and respond

Contracts Finance and Budgeting Process Improvement Service Delivery Technology

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Gregory Stopka

Cell Phone Tower Contract

I have a member that is looking for advice on how much cities charge to place a cell phone tower on your property and how much you rent the space for. Please fill out this short survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/W8DYHD6I'll respond with... View answers and respond

Contracts Management

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Marcos Nichols

Law Department/Legislative Process

The City of Hamilton is changing it's process. We are going to have Directors and Chiefs become responsible for drafting their ordinances and resolutions for their respective departments. Once they draft everything, it will be sent to the City Manager's... View answers and respond

Contracts Human Resources Legal Issues Outside Employment Privatization Process Improvement

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