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Oscar Rodriguez

Indigent Delinquent Account Collection Policy

Hi. I'm searching for a successful policy for collecting delinquent accounts that include a provision/budget for indigent payors can apply for relief from a fund that's been budgeted for this purpose. I would greatly appreciate being pointed in... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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Ben Thatcher

Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey

I'm curious to know of other municipalities that have used the Gallup Q12 survey to measure employee engagement. We've used this tool twice, and would like to benchmark our results to other city governments. We've asked Gallup for this data... View answers and respond

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Sandra Bolser

Salary Survey

I used to be able to search salaries of comparable cities. Is that tool still available to members? View answers and respond

Benchmarking Human Resources

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Jonathan Simons

Daycare benefit

We are researching whether or not we should offer a daycare benefit for employees. We currently offer a pretax HSA benefit, but we are trying to see if we should either (a) open our own facility, or (b) offer... View answers and respond

Children and Youth Employee-Employer Relations Finance and Budgeting Hiring Human Resources Management Next Generation of Managers Organizational Development Personnel Matters

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David Holmes

Disciplinary action for at fault accidents

My City is reviewing its disciplinary policy for employee work related vehicle at fault accidents. What is your city's policy, what punishment for 1st, 2nd, 3rd occurrences, for what damage amount, over what period of time?Thank you in advance for... View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Personnel Matters Risk Management

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Pamela Muse

Managing for a Water-Resilient Community"

FREE WEBINAR - "Managing for a Water-Resilient Community"With Elizabeth Garvin, SAFEbuilt Planning Manager & Land Use AttorneyTuesday, March 8, 201610-11am MST | 12-1pm ESTRegistration - hear from many of our local government colleagues that they are frustrated by the... View answers and respond

Environment Sustainability Water & Sanitation

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Marcie Schatz

Technology Board or Commission

Does anyone have a local Technology Board or Commission? We are planning to create one and would appreciate a model to work from. View answers and respond


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David Strohl

Economic Development Marketing/Promotional Materials

I'm looking for examples of economic development marketing/promotional materials used to attract retailers and restaurants to a community. Thank you in advance for your assistance View answers and respond

Economic Development Management

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David Strohl

Economic Development Incentives Policies/Application Forms

I'm looking for examples of economic development incentives policies, outlining such things as what incentives may be used, which kinds of projects incentives may be used for, minimum investments required to qualify (e.g., dollar amount of improvements, jobs, sales taxes),... View answers and respond

Business Incentives Economic Development Management

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David Strohl

Business Surveys

I'm looking for examples of surveys sent to businesses in the community on a regular basis to identify satisfaction with services, issues or problems faced, etc. Thank you in advance for your assistance. View answers and respond

Business Retention Citizen Surveys Economic Development Management

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