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Stephanie Miller

Donation Policy for Parks

I am interested in learning about policies other cities may have regarding financial donations for specific parks, trees, benches or other memorials. If policies do exist, are there written policies that I can review? View answers and respond

Public Policy

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Josh Jones

RFQ Template for Design/Build of Recreational Facilities

Can someone share with me a RFQ or RFP template for the design/build of recreational facilities? We are doing sand volleyball courts and a multipurpose basketball/pickle ball court, but it doesn't have to be that specific. I could just use... View answers and respond

Infrastructure Planning Parks and Recreation

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William DiLibero

Speaker for San Antonio ICMA 2017

I just heard Austin based Peter Zeihan speak at the Texas Economic Development Council meeting this morning and would like to recommend him for our ICMA annual conference. He is a great speaker and has two books published on Geopolitics. View answers and respond

Regionalism Risk Management

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Enith Marie Sanchez

Policy on Employee Discounts

Does you community offer employee discounts? What is your policy if you do offer employee discounts? View answers and respond

Human Resources

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James Hernandez

Virtual Internships / Internships for Full Time Workers

Question 1.Do virtual internships exist in local government / public administration?Question 2. Suggestions on internships / gaining experience while holding a full time job?I gained valuable experience working in higher education with program management, staff leadership, budgeting, and several other... View answers and respond

Career Resources Human Resources Volunteers

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Antonia Castro-Graham

Dark Fiber Leasing

Hello,We are interested in leasing our dark fiber has anyone else done this? If so would you mind sharing your pricing and lease agreements?Thank you,Antonia View answers and respond

Business Incentives Economic Development Finance and Budgeting Infrastructure Planning Innovation Regionalism Shared Service Delivery Strategic Planning Technology & Data Telecommunications

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Antonia Castro-Graham

Underground Franchise Agreements

Hello,We have been approached by a battery storage company that seeks to connect to the Investor Owned Utility substation via an underground connection. I am looking for sample underground franchise agreements with energy providers. We have some oil... View answers and respond

Economic Development Energy Efficiency Environment Finance and Budgeting Infrastructure Planning Legal Issues Solar Energy Sustainability Telecommunications Utilities

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Reina Schwartz

City Council sponsorships for non-profit organizations

I am looking for any policies governing criteria for managing requests for sponsorships for events (or other expenses) for non-profit organizations in the community. Our community has both an annual grant program for which non--profits can apply, as well... View answers and respond

Citizen Involvement Finance and Budgeting Public Policy

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Robert Carty

Standardized method for calculating pooled overtime for fire departments

One of our friends at ELGL asked this question in their community post - if anyone has some thoughts please share!"Does anyone have a standardized method for calculation pooled overtime for fire departments? This would be overtime worked in case... View answers and respond

Fire/EMS Human Resources Management Public Safety

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Jordan Twardy

Respectful and Effective Strategies for Homelessness in Public Spaces

At a major intersection in our city, there is a persistent concentration of homeless persons and an increasingly large amount of their belongings and miscellaneous litter and debris. The intersection is shared by two cities, two counties, and the State... View answers and respond

Community Planning Economic Development Ethics Homelessness Housing & Community Development Infrastructure Planning Public Safety Regionalism Sanitation Transportation

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