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Joshua Beach

Seeking Assistant Manager or Assistant to the City Manager positions

My name is Joshua Beach and I recently graduated from the University of North Dakota with an MPA. I’m currently seeking an Assistant City Manager or Assistant to the City Manager position and am trying to get my name out... View answers and respond

Community Planning Leadership Management Next Generation of Managers

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Hunter Rieseberg

Municipal Shooting Facilities

Our community is interested in developing a municipally owned shooting range for use by area police departments, clubs, etc.I am concerned about the ongoing issues relating to supervision, liability, establishing a revenue stream, etc.Does anyone have any experience with municipal... View answers and respond

Management Parks and Recreation Partnerships Police Public Policy Public Works Risk Management Utilities

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Tyler Goodman

Privatized Utility Systems

Hello, We are a city of 40,000 looking for any cities that have used public-private partnerships or privatization in regards to running city-owned utility systems (water and wastewater). If you have experienced this, would you be willing to have a... View answers and respond

Partnerships Privatization Utilities Water & Wastewater

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Karen Thoreson

Housing Homeless youth

I am looking for examples of homeless youth campuses that provide housing, counseling and life skills for their residents. if you have some great examples please share. View answers and respond

Housing & Community Development

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Izzy Murguia

Lost and Found Policy

Hello - I am looking to develop a city-wide lost and found policy. Does your city have a policy that I can refer to and build upon? Thank you in advance. View answers and respond

Legal Issues Libraries Parks and Recreation

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Jeffrey Earlywine

Vehicle allowances for managers

I am searching for information that would provide monthly vehicle allowance amounts, and policies, for chief appointed officials (no department heads). Simply trying to assemble data from around the country to obtain a better picture of practices and monthly dollar... View answers and respond

CAO Resources

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John Longley

Strategic Planning Webinar

I am working on my upcoming ICMA-CM submission. Could you recommend a strategic planning web based training tool that I might utilize? I am particularly interested in a training tools that focuses on efficient strategic planning processes easily... View answers and respond

Strategic Planning

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Tyler Goodman

Local Government Civics Day for Kids

We are looking to start a local government civics day for elementary-age children where they can come to city hall, learn about local government, ask questions, and meet officials. Do you have a similar program in your jurisdiction? What grade(s)... View answers and respond

Civic Education

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Tadd Wille

Transitioning of City Managed and Operated Event

Are there any Cities that have successfully transitioned a large City run event to an alternative ownership and/or management model --- while keeping the event sustainable for the long term?If so, would you be willing to be contacted regarding how... View answers and respond

Arts & Culture Children and Youth Community Branding Community Diversity Community Involvement Community Planning Diversity & Inclusion Economic Development High Performance Organizations Innovation Organizational Development Process Improvement Sustainability

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Michele Kohler

Volunteer Recognition Events

I am looking for any suggestions or ideas on how to celebrate and honor our citizen volunteers, especially those that service on boards and commissions. View answers and respond

Community Involvement Volunteers

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