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Jamie Gwynn

Prepping for a New Municipality - What Questions Should You Ask and to Whom?

If there is an opening in a municipality for the manager position and you're trying to gauge if it will be the right fit for you, what questions should you ask before deciding to submit your application and resume? ... View answers and respond

Career Resources Human Resources Leadership Legal Issues Next Generation of Managers Personnel Matters

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Benjamin Bitter

Policy for Employee Name Badges (Identification)

All, I am wondering if your city has a model policy for employee name badges. If so, is this built into your Personnel Policy, an Administrative Directive, or other Ordinance? What are the requirements and limitations (e.g.,... View answers and respond

Employee-Employer Relations Human Resources Labor-Management Relations Management Personnel Matters Service Delivery Transparency

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[Anonymous] asked


Does anyone use Google for their domain, email, and Office Suite; for example instead of an email address displaying as, it displays your domain instead? View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems Finance and Budgeting Form of Government Management Technology

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Andrew Morris

Management/Operations Audits

I am looking for case examples of organizational or management audits that have performed on municipal operations. View answers and respond


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Miles Lovato

Standby Pay - Rates, Policy, Avoiding Abuse

Standby pay is pay issued to our labor and trade union workers (e.g. water and sewer) for when an employee is not working but could be easily called in to work. Our pay rate now is $1.25 and hour. We... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Human Resources Labor-Management Relations Lean Government Management Personnel Matters Water & Sanitation

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Lourdes Avalos

utility call center

Looking to benchmark with some ICMA jurisdictions, with >60,000 residential accounts managed with a call center component.Pls. email me at with contact info. Thanx! View answers and respond

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Karen Windon

Web site redesign

We are looking for a scope of services for a recent and successful request for proposal for a web site redesign with a focus on designing for mobile devices. If you have had a great experience (or a challenging ... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Service Delivery Social Media Technology

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Tony Hunter

Data Governance Plan/Policy

I am looking for input on developing a data governance policy for database users across multiple departments. We are currently implementing Cartegraph's operations management system for our Public Works, Water, Parks and Police departments, and want to make sure the... View answers and respond

Management Technology

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Andre Darmanin

What does it take to become a City Manager/CAO/Commissioner?

I read a thread from 2010 on becoming an Asst CM to becoming a CM and there is no prescribed career path. But the responses I read seem to indicate that What I learned about myself was that I... View answers and respond

Career Resources Leadership Management Public Policy

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Alan Rosen

Publishing City Manager Emails

Does anyone publish all city manager emails on your website within 24 hours (or at all)?We currently do this and the process is as follows.During the day our administrative assistant filters through all of the emails to and from... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Innovation Management Social Media Technology Transparency

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