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Jerry Kendall

Municipally Financed Water Main for Housing Development

The City of Republic, MO is studying the question of providing a water main extension to an area that has until now been overlooked for residential development because developers are unable (or unwilling) to absorb the costs of water main... View answers and respond

Business Incentives Community Planning Economic Development Finance and Budgeting Housing & Community Development Infrastructure Planning Public Works Strategic Planning Utilities Water & Sanitation

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G. Hammon
G. Hammon asked

ADA Compliance / Transition

Does anyone have an up to date ADA Compliance / Transition Plan.......Bill HammonAssistant City ManagerAlcoa, TN View answers and respond

Legal Issues

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Shannon Flanagan-Watson

Short-Term Residential Rental Ordinance (aka Airbnb’s)

Have you implemented an ordinance for short-term residential rentals (aka Airbnb's) in your community? If so, we are interested in learning more about your experience and lessons learned. We are considering a Zoning Ordinance amendment for short-term residential rentals in... View answers and respond

Innovation Leadership Management Public Policy

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Jason Bowles

Tracking and monitoring personnel expenses.

What are the best methods for tracking/monitoring personal services expenditures and projecting overtime? View answers and respond

Personnel Matters

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Amy Snider

401(a) Management

We are reviewing 401(a) pension fund management. Could other jurisdictions provide a brief overview of how you manage these funds? View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Human Resources

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Marianne Lopata

Equipment loaner process

I'm looking for a process/procedure for the loaning of electronic equipment to the public who attend meetings at venues equipped with a hearing loop system.County Commission Chambers is equipped with a hearing loop and patrons with compatible hearing aids can... View answers and respond

Citizen Education Citizen Involvement Citizen Surveys Elected Officials Employee-Employer Relations Form of Government Legal Issues Organizational Development Process Improvement Public Policy Shared Service Delivery Social Media Technology & Data Telecommunications

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[Anonymous] asked

Personnel Budget

For Council-manager cities, what role does your council play in reviewing and approving the personnel budget? What roll does council have in adding new positions during the budget process? Does your organization allow for new positions to be... View answers and respond

Emergencies & Disasters Fire/EMS Infrastructure Planning Military Base Reuse Police Public Safety

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Laura Karpaviciute

Fees/cost recovery for building, development, fire inspection and parks services

Hello,Do you have a policy or practice that defines the appropriate levels of cost recovery via fees for building, planning and development, parks and recreation, and fire inspection services? What proportion of cost does your organization recover/subsidize for these... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Parks and Recreation Finance

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John Dilks

City/County Managers hiring practices

As a doctoral student in higher education I am trying to find out what is the perception of City/County Managers towards Fire Chiefs having an advanced degree, Bachelors or preferably Masters in Management or similarly related field. I have... View answers and respond

Public Safety

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Mary Jacobs

Refuse Rate Study -- RFP's, contracts, vendors, etc.

The City of Sierra Vista is interested in retaining a consultant to conduct a rate study for our refuse system. If anyone has done something similar and would be willing to share you RFP, contract (including cost) and even... View answers and respond

Community Planning Environment Lean Government Management Performance Management and Analytics Public Policy Public Works Shared Service Delivery Sustainability Utilities Water & Sanitation

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