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Rachael Markle City of Shoreline

Phased Zoning

We are looking for another jurisdiction that has codified a phased zoning. We are nearing the end of a subarea planning process that includes a concurrent rezone of approximately a 1/2 mile radius around a future light rail station. ... View answers and respond


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Joseph Gacioch

SMS Subscription Services

The City of Ferndale, Michigan is looking to enlist a subscription SMS service that enables residents to register for push notifications related to general seasonal updates and possibly emergency notifications. We hope the solution is built upon a database... View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems Citizen Engagement Disaster Recovery

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David Gerdeman

Shared Driveway Easement

I have owned my home at 838 E 72nd street since January 1, 1989. This property has a shared driveway with the property at 836 E 72nd Street. That house is currently rented out to a... View answers and respond

Zoning Code Enforcement

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Monica Gutierrez

Studio and Council Equipment Upgrades

The City of Chino,Calif. is in the planning stages of upgrading the audio/visual equipment in the cable TV's Control Room and Council Chambers to High def/HDMI capabilities. Has anyone upgraded equipment recently? Any tips, RFP's or recommended vendors?... View answers and respond

CATV Telecommunications

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Jeffrey Monteleone

User fees in municipal finance

Our management staff and finance department are looking at implementing user fees for those patrons who choose to pay for their utility bills and other cash based transactions directly at the finance office in village hall. The community population is... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Utilities

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Matthew Reges

Staffing for Strategic Plan & Performance Management

Question emerging from conference session.What is your locality's staffing level for strategic planning and performance management programs?In my county (pop. 100,000), we have about 0.8 FTE dedicated to it. One staffer in the executive's office has responsibility for strategic planning... View answers and respond

Performance Management and Analytics Strategic Planning

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J. Munger
J. Munger asked

Budget Transfer Thresholds

Broward County, FL is in the midst of a transition into an Enterprise Resource Planning project, meaning within the next few years all of the agencies’ systems will have some level of integration. The Office of Management in Budget is... View answers and respond


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Peni Basalusalu

Businesses asking for a loan from the City

Good day. We've encountered some unique experience as of late where a couple of businesses in our City have requested to a loan from the City. For instance, a laundry businesses that deals specifically with commercial clients through... View answers and respond

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[Anonymous] asked

Early Retirement Incentives

In our municipality we have quite a few people who are close to, or already eligible for, retirement. Our management is thinking about the possibility of offering early/retirement incentives in order to be able to put new people into... View answers and respond

Benefits Budgeting Change Management Finance and Budgeting Financial Management High Performance Organizations Human Services Management Next Generation of Managers Organizational Development Personnel Matters Personnel Policies

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Shamima J
Shamima J asked

How to get one's foot in the door?

Looking for an entry level position. May I request the honorable members to provide information about opportunities available in their jurisdiction?I have a Bachelor of Urban and Rural Planning degree and a Master of Public Administration degree. I have... View answers and respond

Internships Next Generation of Managers

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