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Rita Ramirez

Contract with outside entity to manage amphitheater

Our City is at the beginning stages of transforming an existing golf course into a regional recreation area that will include a large lake and an amphitheater. We have already been approached by outside entities wanting to manage the... View answers and respond


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Gary West
Gary West asked

Predictive Screening Examinations for Police Officers

In the 1970's I used a product by Personnel Decisions Inc. Minneapolis, MN, to screen prospective police officers. I have lost my contact with them and wonder if anyone has a current contact for the purchase of their testing/screening products.... View answers and respond

Public Safety

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Susan Thorpe

Long range financial plan (forecast)

Yuma County, Arizona is planning, over the next 6 months, to create a long range financial plan and/or forecast. We are considering 10 years as the timeline for the forecast. I'd like to get examples of long range plans from... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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Lynne Penke

Innovation Assessments

HI Colleagues! Wondering is anyone has or knows of an assessment (a self-assessment??) that scores innovative skills/mindset and developer skills/mindset? View answers and respond


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Kenneth Decker

ICMA-RC alternatives - Fee schedule high

We are establishing a 401(a) plan to run concurrently with our existing 457(b). Having spent a great deal of time focusing on our jurisdiction's defined benefit pension plan, I hadn't taken a close look at the ICMA-RC plan and... View answers and respond

Human Resources

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Brad Larson

Land Management Software

We are getting ready to evaluate land management software. Are there any communities out there between the populations of 20k and 40k that have gone through this in the past 3 years? If so let me know, and... View answers and respond

Code Enforcement Planning Process Improvement Technology

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Oscar Murillo

ERP Needs Assessment

The City of Half Moon Bay, CA is in the process of releasing an RFP for a new enterprise resource planning solution. Do anyone have an RFP (and/or contract) for a project consultant to perform a needs assessment that they... View answers and respond

Contracts Finance and Budgeting

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Ralph Wise

Policy for public greenspace use

Our Village has converted a former vacant commercial lot in the downtown to a public greenspace. The transformation is just beginning and we have already received requests for utilizing that space by a community organization.Does anyone have a policy... View answers and respond

Local Culture Parks and Recreation Public Policy

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Ashley Gurevitz

Review Process for Capital Projects

Does your city have a CIP management committee or a formal review process for capital projects? I'm researching ways on how capital projects are reviewed and managed after the budget is approved. For example, if progress slows down or there... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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[Anonymous] asked

Ethics Question

I have a Council member who has an agenda for a City department. He e-mailed me today with a request for information. I have issue with that, public record and all. He did ask that he keep the request between... View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Elected Officials Ethics Human Resources Labor-Management Relations Leadership Legal Issues Management Personnel Matters

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