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David Dollahon

Public Feedback Policy

Does anyone have a specific policy or protocol for receiving public feedback on programs that are presented by the staff (primarily Library, Museums, Senior Programs)? This includes methods for receiving feedback, when it is mandated, etc. View answers and respond

Arts and Culture Benchmarking Change Management Citizen Feedback Citizen Surveys Community Relations Customer Service and Satisfaction High Performance Organizations Innovation Libraries Performance Management and Analytics Process Improvement Service Delivery

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Shannon Flanagan-Watson

Organizational Structure for Public Works, Transportation, Capital Projects & Engineering Functions

How has your jurisdiction organized its public works, transportation, capital projects, facilities and engineering functions? Do you use a decentralized or centralized approach? What has your experience been with that type of structure? Do you a have large service department... View answers and respond

Engineering Environment Facilities Maintenance Management Organization Charts Organizational Culture Organizational Development Organizational Structure Public Works Transportation

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Nickie Lee

New Employee Orientation Examples

Hello! We are looking at revamping our New Employee Orientations. The City of Topeka has over 1100 employees and is a full-service city, so we have frequent orientations with diverse crowds--everyone from police officers to street crews to management. Does... View answers and respond

Balanced Scorecard Benefits Change Management Employee Recruitment Innovation Leadership Management Mentoring

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Emily Dodson

Request for Perfection? Or Request for Solutions?

As more local governments demand fresh ideas and innovation from our service providers, is our biggest challenge not the responses we get, but what we are asking for and how we are asking for it? This is the question that... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Grants Acquisition and Management Procurement Purchasing and Procurement Service Delivery Shared Services

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Michelle Holder

Reverse Auctions

A classmate and I are researching reverse auctions and would like to know of some governments' first-hand experience with them. Particularly, we are interested in reverse auctions of services as opposed to commodities. -What are the pros and cons of... View answers and respond

Contract Management Contracts Innovation Outsourcing Partnerships Privatization Procurement Public-Private Partnerships Purchasing and Procurement

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joel lanken Lake City, GA

mangment contract

sample of city manager contract View answers and respond

Managers’ Employment Agreements

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Don Rosenthal

Assistant County Administrator

Has anyone ever used the stream of income from a Building Department Enterprise Fund to build a new building for the Building Department?I am thinking that we may be able to do that and charge the other entities "rent" and... View answers and respond

E-government Financial Management

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Pamela Muse

Board/Council Staff Reports & PPT Presentations

An Alliance member is looking for policies, guidelines, etc. for writing staff reports and PowerPoint presentations for the Board/Council (templates). Your help is appreciated!Pamela MuseWest Regional DirectorAlliance for Innovationpmuse@transformgov.orgwww.transformgov.org 888-468-6450 View answers and respond

Advisory Boards Council Agendas Council Operations Innovation

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Pamela Muse

Early retirement incentives

An Alliance member is facing quite a few people who are close to, or already eligible for, retirement and the management team is thinking about the possibility of offering early retirement incentives to be able to put new people into... View answers and respond

Personnel Matters Personnel Policies Professional and Personal Development Retirement Succession Planning

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Emily Lucas

Combined HR/Finance Department

I am looking for examples of local governments (preferably cities) where the Finance Department and the HR Department are combined into one department. I would like to see what your organizational chart looks like and the pros and cons... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Financial Management Innovation Organization Charts Personnel Matters

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