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Alan Mond
Alan Mond asked

Public Works heavy equipment sharing programs?

Are there are any current and successful examples of associations or groups of communities that are currently sharing heavy duty equipment? What could be improved?Background: I'm the co-founder of a government focused startup called MuniRent. We help government... View answers and respond

Innovation Parks and Recreation Public Works Shared Services Technology Transportation Utilities

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Neil Britto

Help Us Improve Our Tools for Collaboration?

Greetings ICMA Knowledge Network Members,For those of you who are not aware of the The Intersector Project, we are a young NYC-based nonprofit organization that works to provide free, publicly-available resources to practitioners from the business, government and non-profit sectors... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Innovation Partnerships Process Improvement Service Delivery

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Miranda Braatz

Efficient Use of Salt

Communities Located in the Mid-Atlantic Region are not accustomed to snow, but it has come to my attention that municipalities in this area do not know how to utilize salt use during the winter. They dump loads of it... View answers and respond

Emergencies & Disasters Environment Public Works

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Michele Frisby

Apps for Emergency Health Responses

Received this question from a reporter: How are state and local governments using apps to coordinate emergency health responses or allow citizens to assist in emergencies in some way?The reporter's deadline is week's end. Any help is appreciated! Thanks. Michele View answers and respond

Emergencies & Disasters Technology

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Lydia Gutierrez

Presentation slides

When will the presentation slides be available for the upcoming web session this Thursday? I would like to have them in case there is any technical difficulties during the presentation. Thank you View answers and respond


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Jeffrey Trinker

Modular office building information

Does anyone have experience with the design, purchase, installation and maintenance of modular office buildings? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has sample RFPs for modular office buildings, those would be great also. View answers and respond

Contracts Management Public Works

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Louis Leone

Sheltering Agreements

Hi,I am looking for information from anyone who has had experience with establishing a shelter agreement. If you have had experience or know of a municpalitiy that has created their own shelter agreement outside of the Red Cross, please... View answers and respond

Contracts Emergencies & Disasters Fire/EMS Public Safety

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Jennifer March-Wackers

Looking for Electronic Document Management Expertise

We are launching a regional EDMS system shortly and would appreciate any advice from those who have "been there, done that." Our goal is not just digitization of records, but also a workflow management system that is simple and... View answers and respond

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Austin Bleess

Digital Accounts Payable Process

Has any community looked at digitizing their accounts payable process? Or actually taken the step to do so? If so I'd love to hear from you about your experiences and thoughts on the process. View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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Marcia Scott

Use of Smart Growth Scorecard/Assessment Tool?

Has your jurisdiction either developed or are you using a Smart Growth scorecard/assessment tool? Are you located in the Mid-Atlantic region? If so, can you please take an online survey developed by the Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability University... View answers and respond

Environment Planning Sustainability Transportation

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