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Tony Mazzucco

RFP for website redesign

Good afternoon,I am looking for an RFP (model or recently completed is fine) for a redesign of a website. We are planning to do so and just need a base example to start with. Any and all examples... View answers and respond

Community Branding Contracts Social Media Technology Telecommunications

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Tim McCarty

Shared Communications Program

Do you share a communications program and staff with other jurisdictions other than emergency communications?Thanks! View answers and respond

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Kindle Bowden

OpenGov Platform

Hello Everyone,Looking for information and feedback from anyone that has had experience implementing or working with the OpenGov Platform. View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Performance Management and Analytics Process Improvement Strategic Planning Transparency

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Jared Stalling

Tuition Reimbursement Programs

Hello all,I am tasked with revamping our city's tuition reimbursement program. We had discontinued it for many years but have now reinstated it with a budget of $40,000.00. We currently have around 2,300 full-time City employees and certainly want to... View answers and respond

Employee-Employer Relations

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Stefano Tripi

Periodic performance reports/scorecards

Hello everyone, I am working on the implementation of a new strategic planning system (through organizational and technological innovation) in my municipality. This system will feature, for each department, two important evaluations per year (june and december, as in the... View answers and respond

Performance Management and Analytics Strategic Planning

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Jeffrey French

RFP to Operate a Waste to Energy Facility

Barron County owns a waste-to-energy, WTE, facility that burns municipal solid waste and turns it into steam which is sold to a local business. The WTE facility is operated by an independent company. I'm wondering if anyone would... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Labor-Management Relations Leadership Management Waste & Sanitation

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James Fisher

Employee Pay

My City recently completed a Compensation Analysis to review the city's personnel pay against market cities (cities that we loose employees or applicants to). The CA showed that we are significantly behind the market in terms of salaries. The City... View answers and respond

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Logan Bradshaw

Internal Policy Manual

My name is Logan Bradshaw, and I am a Graduate Fellow with the City of Auburn, Alabama and an MPA Candidate at Auburn University. I work within the Office of the City Manager in Auburn, and am currently working on... View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Human Resources

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Timothy Dolehanty

Strategic Planning

Ingham County, Michigan wishes to develop a new strategic plan. If you have had a positive experience with a strategic planning consultant, we would greatly appreciate it if you would forward contact information. Thank you! View answers and respond

Management Strategic Planning

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Michael Coon

Archiving Social Media

We are currently considering archiving our social media. Are any of your cites doing this? If so, are you doing the archiving in house or using an outside firm?Thank you! View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Social Media

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