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Karen Daly

ISO Tail wagging the Firehouse Dog

I'm looking for other benchmarks/best practices that take into consideration age of housing stock, history of structure fires, etc to give a better indication of the need for future stations and staffing. View answers and respond

Benchmarking Finance and Budgeting Fire/EMS Performance Management and Analytics Public Safety

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Dennis Burnside

EV Charging Station placed on Private Sector land

In an effort to incentivize electric vehicle adoption, we have acquired two charging stations with the help of a grant. We installed one at City Hall. In the next most obvious locations the City has no right-of-way. ... View answers and respond


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Dennis Burnside

Artificial turf specs

We are building an indoor sports building (27,000 SF), and are at a point of taking bids for the indoor artificial turf. Can anyone share specifications we can put in the RFQ? Thanks in advance. View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Michael Dyal

News about current and retired managers

Where can I find the information regarding new appointments, members in transition, new retirements, and honors and awards bestowed on members? View answers and respond

Personnel Matters

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George Jones

Member Number

I am attempting to cast a ballot on the Tenet question. There is a field for "member number". How can I find my member number? View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics

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Gregory Stopka

How have you implemented Peter Kageyama's "Love Where You Live?"

We want to hear your stories about how the concepts of "Love Where You Live" are happening in your community. Share with us your stories to the following questions:1. How is your community engaging the co-creators to woo them... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Community Branding Community Diversity Economic Development Healthy Living Housing & Community Development Innovation Leadership Local Culture Management Next Generation of Managers Organizational Development Partnerships Strategic Planning Sustainability Volunteers

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Wydale Holmes

Civil Treatment - Respect in the Workplace Vendors

What vendors have you worked with for Civil Treatment - Respect in the Workplace training programs? View answers and respond

Human Resources Personnel Matters

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Aaron Sanborn

Starting a Police Department

I am a second year MPA student, and I am working on a project examining a city starting up their own police force. Specifically, I am looking at the costs and process associated with starting up, the pros/cons, as... View answers and respond

Police Public Safety Service Delivery

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Abigail Lundy

Share your effective food policies!

Our colleagues at Growing Food Connections are compiling a database of different local government policies that related to creating a local food system and they need your help!The Growing Food Connections Policy Database is a searchable collection of local public... View answers and respond

Food Security Healthy Living

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Jared Cobb

Asset Management

The City of Lovington, New Mexico (pop. 12,000) is starting to document the condition of streets, utilities, and public buildings. We are interested in procuring asset management software. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks for your help! View answers and respond

Energy Efficiency Finance and Budgeting Fleets GIS High Performance Organizations Infrastructure Planning Innovation Management Police Public Works Sustainability Transportation Utilities Water & Sanitation

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