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Pamela Weir

Ethics Hotline

We are examining the possibility of implementing an Ethics Hotline, and would appreciate any examples of successful programs currently in existence. Does your organization use a third-party vendor for anonymous reporting of ethics violations? Which one, what is the cost... View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Ethics Organizational Culture Personnel Matters Personnel Policies Risk Management

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Andy White

Municipalities with a Poet Laureate

I would like to learn about other governments that are affiliated or appoint a poet laureate. What person(s) select this poet? How long do they serve? Is there an honorarium? Who 'supervises' this... View answers and respond

Arts and Culture Libraries

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Leslie Beauregard

Evaluating Public Programs - Good Resources?

I am teaching a course this fall on evaluating public programs. Anyone know of or used a good, solid textbook on this topic? Would appreciate some suggestions!Thanks!Leslie Beauregard View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Innovation Non-Profit Organizations Performance Measurement Priority Based Budgeting Process Improvement

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Carl Schwing

Connecting city trail under Insterstate highway

My city has just completed a shell path (trail), stopping at the right of way line of the Interstate Highway. We wish to connect under the highway overpass to another portion of the trail. We are hearing that... View answers and respond


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Izzy Murguia

Intergovernmental Agreement - Use of Fuel Facility

Does your city have an intergovernmental agreement with a local entity for the use of its fueling facility in a natural disaster situation? If so, could you please provide me with a copy of your agreement? Thank you in advance... View answers and respond

Emergency Preparedness Fleets Partnerships Public Safety Public Works Purchasing and Procurement Shared Services

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Nematullah Haidari

Harnessing Renwable Energies

According to Energy Directorate of Ministry of Energy & Water, Afghanistan has the potential to produce about 1,408 million cubic meters (MCM) of biogas annually, equivalent to about 32 trillion Btu which fulfills today’s energy need of Afghanistan. The electrical... View answers and respond

Climate Change Energy Efficiency Environment Renewable Energy

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Donald Gloo

Economic Indicators Report for Elected Officials

We are reviewing our monthly economic indicators report that is provided to the County Board to ensure that it provides the right mix of information in a format that is easy to use.If your local government produces an economic indicators... View answers and respond

Council-Manager Relations Economic Development Performance Measurement

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Richard White

Compensatory Time

Does your local government provide compensatory time for exempt employees? If so, please share the policy/guidelines. View answers and respond


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Laura Karpaviciute

Social Media Policy

The City of Tamarac is currently revising its Social Media Policy. We are looking to establish the guidelines for the utilization of the City's social media accounts, as well as for the employee use of their personal social media.... View answers and respond

Social Media

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Darin Clements

Mid-Career Move

I'm currently pursuing my MPA at the ripe old age of 40 and am looking to transition from my current career into municipal finance. I am currently in a senior position with a state university managing my office/department, a $1,000,000... View answers and respond

Career Resources Job Readiness

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