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Malissa Kaping

Does 311 increase a City's liability risk?

We are in the early stages of considering implementing 311. There have been some questions regarding increased liability by opening another reporting portal by implementing 311. The thought is that we are opening ourselves up for more claims from persons... View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems

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Michael Lopez

Zero Base Budgeting

I am researching information regarding Zero Base Budgeting and was wondering if there are cities on here that are currently doing this type of budgeting. If so:Are you doing this type of budgeting every budget year?Any lessons learned that... View answers and respond


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Brian Moran

Full-time employment

Hello everyone.I have a similar question/scenario as Luke described. I will be graduating in May 2015 with my MPPA from the University of Tennessee. I have extensive experience in local government. I have worked in the City Manager's Office in... View answers and respond

Career Resources Employee Recruitment Next Generation of Managers Partnerships

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Jason Garza

City policy on surplus land

Does anyone know of a municipality that has a policy in place where any of its surplus land it wishes to sell must first go to either the local school district or the County for consideration before being opened up... View answers and respond

Asset Management

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Michael Dutton

Transitioning to a DPW

We are looking to merge a number of departments - some as small as one person - into a Department of Public Works. Has anyone found a good how-to guide covering the work that has to be done during... View answers and respond

Change Management Finance and Budgeting Financial Management Labor-Management Relations Lean Government Management Organizational Development Organizational Structure Public Works Strategic Planning

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Wayne Sommer

ISO 37120 Sustainable development of communities -- Indicators for city services and quality of life

I was wondering if anyone is paying attention to this new ISO standard. From what I have read, it is being touted as a "common performance yardstick". I am skeptical and was wondering if any jurisdictions are giving... View answers and respond

Performance Management and Analytics

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Aaron Reeves

Liquor License RFP's

We are moving from a "first come, first served" practice to an RFP process for granting Off-Sale Liquor Licenses. If you use an RFP for granting Liquor Licenses I would like to see some policy and application examples.Thanks, Aaron View answers and respond

Contract Management Contracts Council-Manager Form of Government Innovation Process Improvement Purchasing and Procurement Service Delivery

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Laura Karpaviciute

SWOT analysis

As part of our annual strategic planning process, our departments conduct a comprehensive environmental scan. This scan information is then used by staff in all departments to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs) for each of our five... View answers and respond

Balanced Scorecard Environmental Scan High Performance Organizations Organizational Development Performance Management and Analytics Process Improvement Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis Total Quality Management

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Tom Richardson

Emotional Intelligence assessment

We are a human services department in a California county and we're looking for a useful emotional intelligence assessment tool for participants in our leadership development program. We're also interested in having one or two people in our organization get... View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Human Services Innovation Leadership Management Organizational Development Professional and Personal Development Professional Development

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