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Stephen Fournier

Meeting Management/Electronic Voting/Request to Speak Systems

My Town Council is looking to upgrade their request to speak system for their meetings. Currently, they have an old analog system of pushing a button, which triggers a timer on a board in from of the chair.I have looked... View answers and respond


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Eric Pollitt

City Manager/Administrator Reading Topics

A brief introduction: I am a Second Year MPA Student (graduating in 2017) at the University of Kentucky with a career goal to become a City Manager/Administrator. I also plan on applying to the LGMF Program this Fall. To sum... View answers and respond

Career Resources Infrastructure Planning Labor-Management Relations Leadership Next Generation of Managers Public Works Utilities

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Kent Fierstine

Help Getting Started - Innovation Program

Loveland, CO is seeking advice on creating an Innovation program. Our community is approximately 73,000 people with approximately 700 City employees. Any thoughts on developing a program with a limited budget or how your organization has flourished in... View answers and respond


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Eric Norenberg

Main Street Program within a municipal structure?

Our community has a very successful Main Street program. The current director is retiring so this gives the community the opportunity to review options. The national Main Street website describes the many forms a Main Street program can... View answers and respond

Economic Development

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Essma Boucteb

Cities with the best customer service program?

I would like to know if there are any resources or listings of cities or towns that have been recognized for their excellent customer service programs, specifically focusing on the city’s role in serving its citizens and advancing economic/community development... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Community Diversity Economic Development Employee-Employer Relations Form of Government High Performance Organizations Human Resources Innovation Leadership Management Organizational Development Public Works Service Delivery Shared Services Strategic Planning Sustainability Telecommunications

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Roger Kolman

Google for Work vs. Microsoft Office 365

We are seriously considering cutting the strings in our city and moving everything possible to the cloud rather than owning and maintaining our own servers. As part of that process we are also discussing the migration away from our Exchange... View answers and respond

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Darin Clements

First interview for city management position

After spending 17+ years in higher education, I've decided to move to municipal management. I have my MPA and am currently working on my MBA. I believe the main reason I was invited to interview is my experience with large... View answers and respond

Next Generation of Managers

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Betsy Arnett

"Best Cities for . . . " Designations - valuable or not?

I have been receiving more and more notices that my town (Leesburg, Virginia) has been selected as a "best" community, like "Best Cities for Job Seekers" or "Best Towns for Young Families." These designations are coming from companies like View answers and respond

Community Branding Economic Development Management

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Marcus Travis

Have You Found Success Using the ICMA Job Center?

We value connecting local government professionals with the right career opportunities. Have you found success or a job using the ICMA Job Center? We would like to hear about your experience. View answers and respond

Career Resources

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Ryan Spillers

Local Government Cybersecurity?

What questions do you have about cybersecurity and how it affects your organization and community? View answers and respond

Innovation Management Technology

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