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Sallie Ann Burnett

Board Assessment

A member would like to know if your elected council/commissioners use any tool for assessment of their work. View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Elected Officials

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Gregory Stopka

How is your community managing the concept of "hurt" from Peter Kageyama's book?

We want to hear from you. Let us know how your community is managing the concept of "hurt" from Peter Kageyama's book "Love Where You Live." Share with us your stories to the following questions:What types of creative “patches”... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Management

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Louise Wyatt
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Amanda Dibbits

Innovation fund criteria

Hello,I am proposing that our municipality creates an "Innovation Fund" to support in-year innovative projects. Does anyone have such a fund and can share the process and criteria they require for the projects to access the funding? View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting High Performance Organizations Innovation Strategic Planning

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Laura Karpaviciute

Recommend a motivational speaker to present on ethics and integrity

Have you invited a motivational speaker to present on the topic of ethics and integrity in a workplace who you would recommend? Rather than the legal perspective, we are looking for a motivational presentation of broader concepts of ethics... View answers and respond

Career Resources Employee-Employer Relations Ethics High Performance Organizations Human Resources Innovation Leadership Management Next Generation of Managers Organizational Development Personnel Matters

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Emily Bergstresser

Preschool programs

We are hoping to find the following information regarding public preschool programs1. Do you operate full or part day programs?2. What age groups do you have?3. What are your program fees?4. Do you incorporate fieldtrips into you program?a. If yes, how do you transport?b. Are... View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Emily Bergstresser

Library as foster home for cats

We would like to know if any library is serving as a foster home cats waiting to be adopted. Some businesses will host an adoptable cat from a local shelter/rescue with housing/habitat, food, litter, vet care provided by... View answers and respond


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Khashayar Alaee

Scope for Animal Services

Do you have a scope for an RFP or recent scope or lead to a scope? Thanks! View answers and respond

Contracts Management Performance Management and Analytics Process Improvement Public Safety Service Delivery Shared Services

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Jared Dailey

Speakers Needed: Social Media Conference Session

We’re still looking for two or three local government professionals and perhaps a social media practitioner to present on the social media session being held at the ICMA Annual Conference in Seattle. The session is scheduled for Monday, September... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Social Media

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David Ellis

Customer Service Training

Hello,I am searching for someone who has had success implementing and measuring a customer service program within a large highly stressful agency, that has a tremendous amount of phone and in person contact. Thanks David View answers and respond

Children and Youth Health Housing & Community Development

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