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Mary Jacobs

Refuse Rate Study -- RFP's, contracts, vendors, etc.

The City of Sierra Vista is interested in retaining a consultant to conduct a rate study for our refuse system. If anyone has done something similar and would be willing to share you RFP, contract (including cost) and even... View answers and respond

Community Planning Environment Lean Government Management Performance Management and Analytics Public Policy Public Works Shared Service Delivery Sustainability Utilities Water & Sanitation

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Kamuron Gurol

Information requests from the Council minority

I have strong opposing views on the city council regarding whether staff should perform significant research and analysis to respond to requests from a minority of council members, or even just one council member. Staff want to help the... View answers and respond

Elected Officials Ethics

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David Martin

Vacation sell-back

Hello,In recent collective bargaining negotiations, one of our bargaining units brought up the issue of employees wanting to be able to sell back a percentage of their vacation to the City. At first it seemed like a reasonable request,... View answers and respond

Employee-Employer Relations Labor-Management Relations Legal Issues Personnel Matters

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Joseph Gacioch

Fuel contracts

While we were exploring the replacemeHas anyone ever entereed into a fuel contract with a local gas station as an alternative to acting as a supplier for your municipal fleet? We are looking into replacing our extremely aged fuel... View answers and respond

Public Works Sustainability Transportation

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Leila Melendez
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Mark Abeles-Allison


Our County is considering an equity lease program for our Courthouse Fleet of 30 vehicles. Key directions would be to reduce the age of the fleet with newer more fuel efficient and more contemporary vehicles. If you... View answers and respond

Management Performance Management and Analytics Technology & Data Transportation

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Antonia Castro-Graham

Technology Replacement Fund

For those City’s that have a technology replacement fund:1-Do you keep track of each piece of equipment or have major technology categories? What are your categories?2-Does your City have a technology purchasing policy in place that dictates what items... View answers and respond

Infrastructure Planning Technology & Data Telecommunications

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Mary Jacobs

Telecommunications poles/towers/attachments in ROW

A firm in Arizona has made requests of my community and others in the state regarding placement of telecommunications/cell pole towers in the ROW. We are taking the position that we want to have a master license agreement with... View answers and respond

Community Planning Economic Development Finance and Budgeting Infrastructure Planning Innovation Public Works Technology & Data Telecommunications Utilities

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Nijah Fudge
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Adam Stout

Becoming an Assistant City Manager

I'm looking for a little feedback/direction on getting into city management as an assistant city manager...For background, I started in city government as an intern to a city clerk (in a town of about 30,000, if you count the 14,000... View answers and respond

Career Resources Human Resources Management Next Generation of Managers

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