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Timothy McLean

Retention Strategies for small Police Departments

I'm interested in hearing from colleagues from small municipalities on how retention issues have been addressed in your police departments. The City of Wayland (population 4,079) has budgeted for a Police Department of 7 sworn officers. Retention has been an... View answers and respond

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Michelle Nguyen

Candidate Care - High School Diplomas Required?

A few questions related to education requirements and hiring. Do you have any positions in your government that DO NOT require a High School Diploma or GED? What information do you share with candidates that are not hired because they... View answers and respond

Community Involvement Economic Development Human Resources Process Improvement Public Policy

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Elizabeth Ladner

Citizen Budget Input survey

We are in the process of developing the budget for our next fiscal year. This will be a two or three year (three years would be new for the community) budget and due to what I believe is a... View answers and respond

Citizen/Resident Surveys Finance and Budgeting

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Nathan Huff

Recruiting Businesses

How would you recommend a city recruit new businesses/corporations to move into the community and begin filling vacant locations? View answers and respond

Community Planning Economic Development Strategic Planning

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Craig Dudek

Showing Appreciation for City Volunteers

The City of Olathe would like to know how other communities thank their city volunteers. Olathe currently has an annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception featuring an appetizer buffet, music, door prizes, and remarks by the Mayor. The event, however,... View answers and respond

Community Involvement Leadership Volunteers

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Douglas Shontz

Town Hall Meeting

An ICMA member is looking for information on town hall meetings. If you want to share you experience or innovative practices regarding town hall meetings please answer the question and I will connect you with the member. Thank you. View answers and respond

Community Involvement Elected Officials

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Mark Abeles-Allison

County Fair and Elected Official Booth

We are kicking around the idea of an elected official meet and greet booth with Town, City, Village, County and State officials at our annual county fair. Have any other fairs done this? Any downfalls/cautionary notes... View answers and respond


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[Anonymous] asked

Council issue

I have a question for City Managers who have faced this issue before. A toxic department head is feeding information and complaints/criticisms of other departments and procedures to a councilmember. It has been my experience that the only time it... View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Ethics Leadership Management

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Britt Lusk

Civilian/Citizen Review Board

Do any of your communities work with a Civilian or Citizens review board? We are considering starting a board but wanted to reach out to communities with experience. I am looking for answers as to how to start... View answers and respond

Community Involvement High Performance Organizations Leadership Management Process Improvement

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Howard Tipton

Employee Communication Programs

Are there several cities or counties that ICMA could point me to that are known for their employee communication programs? View answers and respond

Human Resources

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