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Chelsea Gondeck

Annexation Policy

I was wondering if there were any example city policies in regards to promoting annexation into the city limits?We have businesses, homes, etc. which are so close to municipal boundaries that often the city and their services (Fire/EMS, Police, Code... View answers and respond

Code Enforcement Finance and Budgeting Fire/EMS Incentives Planning Process Improvement Public Policy Service Delivery Utilities

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Roger Gonzalez

Mobile App - What is the reality?

Hi Everyone!My City is considering implementing and utilizing a mobile app. There is a lot out there, usually dealing with non-emergency service requests. I am hoping to get some information on mobile apps that your cities are using. Specifically, I... View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems Citizen Engagement Service Delivery Social Media Technology

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Gregory Stopka

Police Staffing and Utilization Study

The Alliance for Innovation has a member looking at doing a Police Staffing and Utilization study RFP. Does anyone have recommendations for firms that they have worked with? Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks,Greg StopkaCentral Regional DirectorAlliance for Innovation View answers and respond

Management Police

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David Pribulka


Does anyone have an example lock-out/tag-out policy that has worked well in your community? Thanks! View answers and respond

Risk Management

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Kim Bradford

Software Support to Track/Integrate Strategic Plan Progress and Performance Measures

Does anyone currently use any type of integrated application to track goals, strategies, and objectives in a strategic plan (including multiple levels - city, department, etc) that also integrates automation of performance measure data? If so, I would love... View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Lean Government Performance Management and Analytics Strategic Planning Transparency

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Tony Mazzucco

RFP for website redesign

Good afternoon,I am looking for an RFP (model or recently completed is fine) for a redesign of a website. We are planning to do so and just need a base example to start with. Any and all examples... View answers and respond

Community Branding Contracts Social Media Technology Telecommunications

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Tim McCarty

Shared Communications Program

Do you share a communications program and staff with other jurisdictions other than emergency communications?Thanks! View answers and respond

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Kindle Bowden

OpenGov Platform

Hello Everyone,Looking for information and feedback from anyone that has had experience implementing or working with the OpenGov Platform. View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Performance Management and Analytics Process Improvement Strategic Planning Transparency

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Jared Stalling

Tuition Reimbursement Programs

Hello all,I am tasked with revamping our city's tuition reimbursement program. We had discontinued it for many years but have now reinstated it with a budget of $40,000.00. We currently have around 2,300 full-time City employees and certainly want to... View answers and respond

Employee-Employer Relations

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Stefano Tripi

Periodic performance reports/scorecards

Hello everyone, I am working on the implementation of a new strategic planning system (through organizational and technological innovation) in my municipality. This system will feature, for each department, two important evaluations per year (june and december, as in the... View answers and respond

Performance Management and Analytics Strategic Planning

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