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Keri Fothergill

Household Pollution (HHP) Collection Facility

Currently, The City of Tulsa works with The Metropolitan Environmental Trust (M.e.t) to hold two Household Pollution (HHP) collection events a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The events are usually held over a Saturday and... View answers and respond

Environment Public Works Sustainability Water & Sanitation

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Jeffrey Trinker

Special events policies for City events.

Does anyone work for a City with a special events policy oriented towards City-operated special events? I have found several that address outside groups planning an event but I have not had luck finding one for special events planned... View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Kay Booth
Kay Booth asked

Dogs off leash

Who do I call to report a large dog in my yard? Can't go outside. View answers and respond

Animal Control

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Leslie Beauregard

Alignment of Department Scorecards with City's Strategic Plan

So, we have a pretty new strategic plan in place and are now talking about how we start to report out on this....but in addition, how we also reflect operationally what departments are already doing (not in the strategic plan... View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Innovation Management Performance Management and Analytics Strategic Planning

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Francine Burge

Music Licensing for Municipalities's Venues

Hi all,I work at Sparks Nevada. We have a few venues that are used by third parties for events/concerts/movies. I pay BMI and ASCAP for the events we hold. I pay for royalties for any movies we host. My fees... View answers and respond

Local Culture

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Eileen Stein

City Manager Evaluation Form

Does ICMA have a model evaluation form for city managers? My city council is interested in changing our form. I just became a credentialed manager if this makes a difference as well. Eileen SteinCity AdministratorCity of Mt.... View answers and respond

Human Resources

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Jeffrey French

Long-Term Feasibility Study for Waste to Energy Plant

History: In 1986 Barron County constructed a Waste to Energy Facility for the purpose of burning garbage and providing steam to a local cheese factory. After 27 years the plant needs to be rebuilt and we are beginning this... View answers and respond

Process Improvement Waste-to-Energy Water & Sanitation

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David Finley

Filling potholes while saving money?

Hello!I'm a graduate student at UNC MPA and I'm also serving as the Manager's Intern for the Town of Chapel Hill.I'm doing research on the most effective and efficient ways to fill potholes, and I have found specialized trucks that... View answers and respond

Contracts Finance and Budgeting Public Works Service Delivery Strategic Planning Sustainability

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Paul Mohr
Paul Mohr asked

311 Number Costs

Hello,Can anyone share the costs they experience in setting up the 311 phone number? Registration with FCC, working with cellular/land line phone carriers, etc.Thank you in advance.Paul MohrBusiness AnalystCity of Suprrise, AZ View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems

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Pamela Muse

Beggars/pan handlers food voucher/coupon programs

An AZ city has started a program with a nonprofit to print and sell coupons called "Better Bucks" for people to use instead of cash for beggars and pan handlers. Please send links/copies of your policies/programs re: food voucher/coupon programs... View answers and respond

Healthy Living Partnerships Public Safety

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