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David Dillner

Off-Site Advertising

I am looking for some innovative regulations for off-site advertising signage that allows such signage, but does not provide a free-for-all approach that leads to signage being located everywhere in town. View answers and respond

Codes Community Development Land Use Controls Neighborhood Development Planning Zoning Zoning Code Enforcement

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Beth Sowder

Council member doing business with the city

Do you have a standard operating procedure or best practice you use when/if you have a City Councilmember who would like to do business with their own City? If so, would you please provide that procedure or best practice? View answers and respond

Council Operations

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Johnny Casias

Cell Tower Companies

Hello, We have a cell tower company / provider interested in installing a new tower in our city limits and paying a "renting" fee for use of city property...does anyone have any past experiences to share? What is a... View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems Accountability Benefits Budgeting Contract Management Finance and Budgeting Management Revenue Technology Telecommunications Vacant Properties

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John Konior

Habitual Caller for EMS Service

How do you handle callers who habitually call for medical service and which may or may not require transportation? Thanks in advance. View answers and respond

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Public Safety

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Bob Connelly

Combining City Planner & Economic Development Positions

Can anyone point me towards a successful example of the combined position of City Planner/Economic Development Director? My city is considering such a position and I have serious reservation about it being a practical solution. View answers and respond

Economic Development

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Joseph Gacioch

City Mobile Phone Purchase and Use Policy

The City of Ferndale is looking to develop a policy that considers modern and future mobile environments. Historically, the City has not had a written staff cell phone use and renewal policy. The City will likely consider a... View answers and respond

Technology Telecommunications

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Marvin Collins

Island Lease to Non-profit for Passive Recreation Use

The City was approached by a community non-profit interested in using a small, undeveloped island in the river as a passive recreation site. The City requested the organization to provide a concept plan for review. The City is developing a... View answers and respond

Environmental Liability Legal Issues Outsourcing Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation Management Public-Private Partnerships Tourism

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Pamela Weir

Ethics Hotline

We are examining the possibility of implementing an Ethics Hotline, and would appreciate any examples of successful programs currently in existence. Does your organization use a third-party vendor for anonymous reporting of ethics violations? Which one, what is the cost... View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Ethics Organizational Culture Personnel Matters Personnel Policies Risk Management

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Andy White

Municipalities with a Poet Laureate

I would like to learn about other governments that are affiliated or appoint a poet laureate. What person(s) select this poet? How long do they serve? Is there an honorarium? Who 'supervises' this... View answers and respond

Arts and Culture Libraries

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Leslie Beauregard

Evaluating Public Programs - Good Resources?

I am teaching a course this fall on evaluating public programs. Anyone know of or used a good, solid textbook on this topic? Would appreciate some suggestions!Thanks!Leslie Beauregard View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Innovation Non-Profit Organizations Performance Measurement Priority Based Budgeting Process Improvement

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