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Antonia Castro-Graham

Public Records Requests

I work a mid-size, full service city (approximately 1,000 employees). At any time a resident can request public documents from any department. There is no coordination amongst departments or a clearinghouse of sorts for public records requests, which... View answers and respond

Citizen Education Form of Government

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Gregory Stopka

Citizen Engagement Questions

The Alliance for Innovation held a virtual forum today on citizen engagement. We identified the challenges facing the participating communities in the topic and facilitated an idea-exchange around them. To keep the conversation going, please answer:What ideas have you... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement

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Arnoldo Perez

Pre Trip Post Trip inspections samples (non-public transport fleet)

Could you share some samples of pre trip / post trip inspections for your fleet. This would include your CDL and regular fleet but excludes revenue producing vehicles (public transit). Do you currently utilize it for your public... View answers and respond

Fleets Innovation Management Public Works

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Darrell Hofland

Duplicate businesses

As part of a restaurant owner's request for the governing body's approval of a second location which is in a new development area of the community, the restaurant owner has given his assurances that he will continue to operate his... View answers and respond

Economic Development

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Tom Homan
Tom Homan asked

Summer Uniforms for Refuse Employees

We've had a request from our solid waste employees to wear shorts during the summer months. I'm not inclined to permit this change in summer uniform, but wanted to find out if anyone has tried this and can comment on... View answers and respond

Public Works

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Matthew Lassonde

Business Improvement Districts

North Mankato, where I work, is a town of ~13,500. We are embarking on creating a vision for our downtown to draw in the community and provide a place where they can spend some time and help the businesses thrive.... View answers and respond

Business Retention Economic Development

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Shannon Flanagan-Watson

Permitting Process Improvements

We are looking at further streamlining our permitting and inspection services into a one-stop shop. If you have successful case study examples, best practices and lessons learned, please let me know. We are also interested in learning about how your... View answers and respond

Innovation Management Process Improvement

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Leslie Beauregard

Additional Police Officers

I am looking for resources and any benchmarking studies that look to justify # of police officers in a community. Is there a number out there per capita? And if your police department is requesting a significant increase,... View answers and respond

Benchmarking Leadership Management Performance Management and Analytics Police Public Safety

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Jessica Cho

We want to hear about your approach to healthy communities!

Is your community working with local health departments and healthcare workers to come up with innovative solutions to local healthcare challenges? If so we want to hear from you! ICMA's International Team is looking for local governments working across sectors... View answers and respond

Citizen Education Citizen Engagement Emergencies & Disasters Health Healthy Living International Development Partnerships Public Health Public Policy Risk Management Water & Sanitation

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[Anonymous] asked

Fire Department Overtime

We are looking at conducting a study of Fire Department Overtime. Before we get started, we would like to get an idea of what topics other cities have studied. Were there specific areas you reviewed (ex. types of overtime,... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Fire/EMS Labor-Management Relations Personnel Matters Public Safety

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