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Leana Polston-Murdoch

Innovation Research

I am conducting survey research for my dissertation to gain a deeper understanding of contextual and cognitive factors that contribute to innovation in local government. The goal of innovation is to create value, which may be in the form of... View answers and respond

Innovation Leadership Management Organizational Development Process Improvement Sustainability

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Shannon Flanagan-Watson

Permitting Process Improvements

Has your local government streamlined its building and land management permitting process? If yes, would you be agreeable to sharing your experiences in a conference call with Arlington County staff? We are seeking to make getting a permit easier for... View answers and respond

Innovation Management Process Improvement Service Delivery

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Matt Brower

Rogue Council Member

Looking for strategies to redirect a council member who is attempting to advance his agenda by discrediting staff, particularly during public meetings. Council members appear to be guarded and unsure of how to respond, fearful the attacks may be... View answers and respond

Elected Officials Ethics High Performance Organizations Leadership

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Nikola Pavelic

Looking for a sample ordinance with community engagement and evaluation built in.

Does anyone have an existing ordinance for an advisory commission which includes expectations/frameworks for community engagement and how they are to evaluate city's actions towards particular goals? View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Environment High Performance Organizations Innovation Organizational Development Performance Management and Analytics Process Improvement Public Policy Sustainability

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Gregory Stopka

How is your local government activating the community? (part 1)

We want to hear from you. Let us know how these concepts from Peter Kageyama's book Love Where You Live are resonating with your organization. Share with us your stories of:1. A time that your community decentralized ownership... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Leadership Management

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Neil Britto

Resources for cross-sector collaboration in natural resource conservation

Greetings members of the Knowledge Network,The Intersector Project -- an ICMA member and non-profit organization that seeks to empower change makers in all sectors to work collaboratively to solve complex problems -- is looking for resources created for city officials... View answers and respond

Environment Partnerships

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Maya Williams

Permitting systems

Colleagues:We are exploring what electronic systems cities/counties are using to receive permits (film, special events, encroachment, alarm, etc.) and whether those systems allow for the use of POS or payments as well.Please let us know what you have. Thanks... View answers and respond

Code Enforcement Fire/EMS Police Service Delivery Shared Services Technology

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Alan Rosen

General Fund in the CAFR

Does anyone combine more than the General Fund in the General Fund Category in their CAFR? I know that General Government is a category that combines multiple funds, but from what I know (which may be limited), the General Fund... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting GASB

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Justin Kohls

Reselling purchased goods

I work for a Fire Department in Northern Illinois and we recently acquired new mattresses for our staff. I have been trying to research the value, if any, of our previous mattresses and options for reselling but have not been... View answers and respond

Contracts Fire/EMS Public Safety

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