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Benjamin DeClue

Gym Services RFP

I am looking for RFPs dealing with gym services for employees. We currently offer subsidized gym memberships and fitness classes through our Wellness program, but rather than deal with every gym in town and their different billings and records... View answers and respond

Employee-Employer Relations Health Healthy Living Human Resources Personnel Matters

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Rex Shields

Rec Center Pro Forma

Our city is looking to build a rec center (indoor turf field, track, etc.). I'm looking for examples of pro formas from other rec centers. Thanks for your help! View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting Parks and Recreation

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Keri Fothergill

Single Stream Recycling

I would like to know which municipalities have a single stream recycling program and if those municipalities have a public education outreach marketing plan. If so, what is the size of your customer base, and what is the budget... View answers and respond

Citizen Education Citizen Engagement Waste & Sanitation Water & Sanitation

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Laurel James

Employee Engagement Surveys?

We will be administering an employee engagement survey as part of an organizational health initiative. Has anyone undertaken an employee engagement or organizational health survey. Did you employ a consultant or use in-house resources to administer the survey? In either... View answers and respond

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[Anonymous] asked

Services To Ski Resorts

If your community has a ski resort, what arrangement do you have with ambulance service with the resort? Is there any cost share? Does your ski resort have a "surcharge" on lift passes for emergency services? View answers and respond

Fire/EMS Partnerships Public Safety

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Sylvia Carrillo

Shared IT Storage Space

Anyone have any interlocal or similar agreements in place to share IT storage space (co-locate)? View answers and respond


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Sylvia Carrillo

Effective Tax Rates

Our area in Texas has experienced a tremendous economic boom. Valuations are up almost 100 Million this year. The increases in activity have caused stress on existing infrastructure.How are other cities dealing with the increase and are you able to... View answers and respond

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Mary Leveridge

Elected Officials Included in FTE Count for ACA?

I am sure some of you have dealt with this question already. We have a client who pays their Mayor and Council a flat rate per year, so there is currently no tracking of their “hours” worked. They... View answers and respond

Elected Officials Employee-Employer Relations Human Resources Legal Issues

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Gregory Stopka

How is your community tacking the challenges of community engagement from Peter Kageyama's book?

We want to hear from you! Let us know how you are tacking the challenges of community engagement Peter Kageyama outlines. Share with us your stories to the following questions:How are you building on current energy and... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement

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Rex Shields

City Lending to Itself

Does anybody have any examples of municipalities lending to themselves from their own fund balance for a capital project? To be more clear, as if they were taking a loan from their own money with the intent to pay it... View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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