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Laura Karpaviciute

Bomb threat procedures

Does your organization have bomb threat policy/procedures you'd be willing to share? We are updating our policy and are looking to learn from best practices in other organizations. If you prefer to respond via email, I can be... View answers and respond

Emergencies & Disasters Fire/EMS Police Public Safety Risk Management

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Emily Bergstresser

Code of Conduct

We are interested in samples of a Code of Conduct or Rights and Responsibilities document for customers/guests/members that could be posted and applicable in all parks and recreation facilities and properties. This document would apply to customers/guests/members ... View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Izzy Murguia

Social Media Policy - Video Streaming & Images

Do you have a social media policy that address live-streaming or video images that can be shared on social media channels such as Instagram or Periscope? While transparent, we are concerned with the issues that live streaming or recording some... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Elected Officials Labor-Management Relations Legal Issues Personnel Matters Social Media Technology

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Michael Grebosz

Overnight Parking in at Planned Unit Development (PUD)

In a planned unit development (PUD) in our city, overnight parking on city streets is causing an issue. Looking for some creative solutions on how other jurisdictions have dealt with this issue. View answers and respond

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James Koshmider


Does anyone have recent research on the cost effectiveness of self-insurance programs - either for health coverage, or for liability...? I would appreciate any copies of studies, or any additional leads.Thanks, Jim K. View answers and respond

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J. Munger
J. Munger asked

Mail Fulfillment Processes and Improvement

We have been asked to look into our county’s mail fulfillment and processes. While Broward is a larger County, I’d be interested to hear about any efforts to streamline a municipality’s mail processes. We currently have couriers and mail room... View answers and respond

Benchmarking Finance and Budgeting Privatization Process Improvement Service Delivery

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Bethany Tetley

Local Policies regarding Council support for various causes/charities

I'm looking for local policies regarding City Council formally supporting local causes or charities... i.e. Cancer Awareness Month, local charities, etc. View answers and respond


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Jamie Gwynn

Prepping for a New Municipality - What Questions Should You Ask and to Whom?

If there is an opening in a municipality for the manager position and you're trying to gauge if it will be the right fit for you, what questions should you ask before deciding to submit your application and resume? ... View answers and respond

Career Resources Human Resources Leadership Legal Issues Next Generation of Managers Personnel Matters

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Benjamin Bitter

Policy for Employee Name Badges (Identification)

All, I am wondering if your city has a model policy for employee name badges. If so, is this built into your Personnel Policy, an Administrative Directive, or other Ordinance? What are the requirements and limitations (e.g.,... View answers and respond

Employee-Employer Relations Human Resources Labor-Management Relations Management Personnel Matters Service Delivery Transparency

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[Anonymous] asked


Does anyone use Google for their domain, email, and Office Suite; for example instead of an email address displaying as, it displays your domain instead? View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems Finance and Budgeting Form of Government Management Technology

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