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Stephen Tanner

Harmful Posts to Themselves

Do any other cities have a sampling of social media terms/conditions that specifically address dealing with spam and individuals posting content that is harmful to themselves (ie - posting their personal information, social security numbers, etc.)? Would love to get... View answers and respond

Legal Issues Social Media

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Clayton Black

Formal Policies for Internal Investigations

I am interested in seeing what other communities have in terms of formal policies and procedures for internal investigations, primarily from the perspective of an Office of Professional Standards or equivalent entity. I am interested to see the extent... View answers and respond

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Mitchell Schnaible

Bulk Waste Removal

My name is Mitchell Schnaible. I am currently doing an internship in the city manager's office of Delaware, Ohio. I am looking at different methods of bulk trash removal for cities that do not contract waste removal services. Delaware operates... View answers and respond

Waste & Sanitation

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Terri Lea Hugie

P3s (public, private partnerships) Leases

I'm collecting leases where P3s (public, private partnerships) have occurred on city or county properties. Items can range from hotels to office buildings and condos. Does anyone have a copy of the lease(s) that you can share? Thanks. View answers and respond


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Ronald Rabun

MIT membership

I am a 30 year member of ICMA (Ronald Harold Rabun, member # 182777). I was terminated from my employment as County Manager of Lee County, Georgia on November 17, 2015. In the interim which I search for... View answers and respond

Career Resources

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Susan Thorpe

Cell tower lease rental amount

Yuma County AZ is preparing well in advance for a 2018 renewal/renegotiation for a cell tower lease with Verizon. I'm looking for suggestions about what to charge on a monthly (or annual) basis. Please let me know if your City... View answers and respond

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Shannon Flanagan-Watson

Quiet rooms in the workplace

Do you have designated quiet rooms for employees to meditate, reflect or pray? If so, we are interested in learning about your experience. How has it worked? Lessons learned? Do you have guidelines for use of the room? Thank you!Shannon... View answers and respond

Human Resources Management

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Zach McGinnis

Food/Beverage Procurement

Are there any cities that have a policy that allows for city dollars to be used to purchase food/beverages to help boost staff morale or celebrate birthdays, holiday parties, weddings, or similar functions? We are currently considering updating our policy... View answers and respond

Diversity & Inclusion Employee-Employer Relations

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Christa Rainwater

Share Your Unique Recruitment Experiences

Question: What do you get when you combine nostalgia for television from the 1960s and ‘70s with a love of public service?Answer: This video from the City Council in Issaquah, Washington, inspired by America's favorite Nixon-era TV blended family, “The... View answers and respond

Career Resources Hiring Human Resources Innovation Leadership Next Generation of Managers Personnel Matters

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Kevin Leighty

Departmental Management Study

Has anyone had experience with conducting a departmental management study (particularly Community Development/Development Services)? Specifics of such a project may include analyzing staffing, processes, and the organization of a department in order to improve overall efficiency and service delivery. Upon... View answers and respond

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