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Rebecca Eby

Policy for Organizational Support of Nonprofits

Our organization is exploring the idea of creating a policy for when employees and departments support local nonprofits using county resources (email, staff time). We know there is a public good/benefit to supporting our local nonprofits and would like... View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Non-Profit Organizations Organizational Culture Public Trust Sponsorships Volunteers

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[Anonymous] asked

Handling The News Media

We have some news media outlets that seem to have difficulty, for whatever reason, attending our Board meetings; however, they also want us to discuss with them before or after a Board meeting what will be or has been discussed... View answers and respond


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Neil Bakshi

Mapping ordinances in GIS

Hello all,I am interested in developing a way to visualize the differences between municipal ordinances in the context of a GIS map. Specifically, I would like to show which municipalities have "barriers" or "facilitators" to green infrastructure within the same... View answers and respond

Air, Climate, Water Economic Development Economic Development Plans Engineering Environment Forestry GIS Imaging and Records Management Innovation Land Use Controls Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation Management Public Works Regionalism Sidewalk, Street, and Road Maintenance Smart Growth Sustainability Urban Design Vacant Properties Wastewater Water & Sanitation Water Utilities Zoning

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Reid Adler

Transition from at large to district-based city council

Looking for best practices or useful experiences of large cities that have recently made this transition to having city council elected by district rather than at large. I'd appreciate any links, or suggestions for people to contact or a chance... View answers and respond

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John Shay
John Shay asked

Ordinance to Restrict Water Usage

Do any communities have ordinances restricting the usage of water, especially irrigation water during summer months? If so, please send them to me in Word or PDF format. Thanks.John ShayCity ManagerCity of Ludington, Michigan View answers and respond

Water & Sanitation Water Utilities

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Scott Andrews

Local Government Social Media Proposal (Facebook)

Hello everyone, I was curious if any of your agencies have submitted proposals to your council recently on implementing social media. I know we may be a little behind, but we would like to start a City Facebook page and... View answers and respond

Citizen Engagement Council Relations Social Media

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David Dillner

Off-Site Advertising

I am looking for some innovative regulations for off-site advertising signage that allows such signage, but does not provide a free-for-all approach that leads to signage being located everywhere in town. View answers and respond

Codes Community Development Land Use Controls Neighborhood Development Planning Zoning Zoning Code Enforcement

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Beth Sowder

Council member doing business with the city

Do you have a standard operating procedure or best practice you use when/if you have a City Councilmember who would like to do business with their own City? If so, would you please provide that procedure or best practice? View answers and respond

Council Operations

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Johnny Casias

Cell Tower Companies

Hello, We have a cell tower company / provider interested in installing a new tower in our city limits and paying a "renting" fee for use of city property...does anyone have any past experiences to share? What is a... View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems Accountability Benefits Budgeting Contract Management Finance and Budgeting Management Revenue Technology Telecommunications Vacant Properties

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John Konior

Habitual Caller for EMS Service

How do you handle callers who habitually call for medical service and which may or may not require transportation? Thanks in advance. View answers and respond

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Public Safety

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