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Paul DeAnda
Paul DeAnda asked

What policies and guidelines are Cities using for a report of an active shooter in the community?


Alexandra Iannolo

There is currently a lot of work being done on active shooter policies. I found various sites and documents that may help answer your question.
First here is the active shooter response guideline from the Department of Homeland Security.
The Federal Emergency Management Association also has created a web course on active shooter responses and policy. The link is listed below.
I have also included the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Policy and Procedure Manual to Active Shooters.
The link below goes to the City of Minneapolis’ Police Department policy page which describes their active shooter response plan.
In Yuma County, Colorado they have established a training program dedicated to active shooter response. The information about that course is listed below.
In New York City the police department produced its own report regarding active shooters using past incidents to guide their policy making procedures.
The National Retail Federation also has a list of suggested guidelines to follow for active shooters. This may be helpful to share with businesses in your community.
While looking into the issue I found a lot of active shooter policies listed from university and college websites. I have included links to their policies as well some of their training documents below.
1- University of Central Florida Response PowerPoint http://cra20.humansc..
2- Penn State, York Campus Active Shooter Response Plan
3- Tufts University Shooter Response Plan

I hope these links are helpful!
Ali Iannolo
ICMA Knowledge Network Intern

Chris Gebhardt

Chris Gebhardt

Please do NOT post this information in a thread that is accessible to the general public. You are placing the lives of Police Officers at risk by posting this type of information. The best way to handle such a request is to contact the requestor, confirm their identify, and response in private.

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