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A wiki is a web page that anyone can edit. Use Knowledge Network wikis to read the collected knowledge of the community and to share your own information.

ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation don’t have a monopoly on local government information, so the Knowledge Network gives our members and other users the opportunity to share their own expertise. A wiki is one way to allow these contributions. By drawing on the collected knowledge of many people, wikis on the Knowledge Network can deliver the best information that has been tested and validated by the community.

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Browsing Wikis

The Wikis tab on the Knowledge Network menu bar will take you to the full list of wikis. Many wikis are public. When you are signed in, you will see also wikis that are only visible to the groups you belong to.


You’ll find wikis elsewhere on the Knowledge Network too. Each topic page displays wikis related to that topic. Wikis related to a group can be found on the Wikis tab of that group page.


Editing a Wiki

A wiki looks just like any other web page. It has headers, text, images, and can even have sub-pages. The only difference is that you can edit this page yourself. On the wiki you want to edit, use the options on the right to edit.


Click “Edit this page” to open the page in edit mode. You can add, delete, and change any of the content on the page. Use the formatting tools at the top to change text styles or insert hyperlinks, images, or tables.


Note the special instructions for linking to wiki pages at the bottom of the edit screen.

When you have finished your edits, click Save at the bottom, or cancel to exit without saving.

You can view the history of a wiki page and compare to previous versions using the toolbar at the top of the wiki. Check the "Watch this page" box to receive email updates when this wiki is edited.



Creating a new wiki / Editing wiki settings

When you create a new wiki, or edit the settings of an existing wiki, you can change the wiki’s title or description. Add related topics to have the wiki appear on those topic pages. You can also limit the wiki to one or more groups.

Wiki Settings

After you create a new wiki, find it in the wiki list to edit it and add the first content.

Note: Wikis connected to groups can only be seen or edited by members of those groups. Wikis without groups are publicly visible, and can be edited by anyone with a Knowledge Network account. Wikis with a related group will show the group in the column on the right.



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