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Signing In

Learn how to re-set your site password and sign in to the site

Sign in to the Knowledge Network and the ICMA website at icma.org/login or by entering your email and password then clicking the Sign In button SignIn at the top of any page. You'll also be prompted to sign in any time you try to access a page that requires it.

Don't have an icma.org account? Welcome!  Learn how to create your account here.

Are you a member? If you are a member of ICMA or the Alliance for Innovation, you already have an account and do not need to create a new one. Follow the instructions below to set  your password and sign in.

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Setting or Re-Setting Your Password

First time signing in to a member account?

If you are a member of ICMA or the Alliance for Innovation and have not yet signed in to the site, follow the instructions below to set your password.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten or have not yet set your password, enter your email address and click Email me a new password.

Email new password

An alert will inform you if your email address is not in our system. If you are a member, be sure to use the same address we have in your membership record. If you are a new user, learn how to create a new account.

Your new password will be sent to your email address immediately. If you do not receive an email, check your spam filter for a message from do-not-reply@icma.org.

New Password Email


Signing In

Once you have your password, enter it and click Sign in. If you frequently use the same computer to access the site, you may want to check the box to Stay logged in on this computer.


If you signed in using a new system-generated password, be sure to change it right away on the About You tab under Edit Profile. Click here to learn more.

That's it, now you're ready to ask questions, join groups, and interact with thousands of other Knowledge Network users!


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