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Use the icma.org search tools to find resources across the site.

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On most pages throughout icma.org,  you'll find a search bar in the upper right. Use this to quickly find the information you're looking for.

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Note: The search bar always returns results from the entire site, not just the section you are currently viewing.

If you know you are looking for a person or a document, use our search tools specifically built for this information. They offer filters and other search tools to help you find exactly who or what you're looking for.


Search Results

Results as you type

As you type your search term, search options and top results will appear below the search bar.

Search results


At the top, you will always find options to search:

Click any of these options to search that area directly. Depending on your search term, you may also see top results for certain types of resources on the site, including:

  • Articles and news
  • Upcoming Events
  • Popular site Pages
  • Knowledge Network Topics
  • Knowledge Network Documents 
  • Knowledge Network Questions
  • Knowledge Network Groups
  • Best Bets recommended from all site content

Click on any result to go there directly.

Results page

To see full results from across icma.org, hit enter after typing your search term. The results on this page are provided by Google and are ranked by relevance.

Search results page




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