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Reading and Answering Questions

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Question Page

Each Question has its own page, displaying the full question, all answers and comments, and related topics.




Posting an Answer or a Comment

Your Answer

If you’re signed in, you’ll find a text box under “Your Answer” to share your own experience. Click “Attach a document” to upload a file to share with other users.

Question Answer
Write a Comment

In addition to posting an answer, you can also write a comment. You might comment on a question to ask the questioner for clarification, or indicate that you have the same question.  Or, you might add a thought to another user’s answer. Look for the comment box when you’re signed in.

Comment Box

When you post a comment, it will appear indented beneath the post.

Answer with Comment

Tip: If you're providing an answer to the question, be sure to use the “answer” space instead of the “comment” space. Comments aren’t recorded as answers, makikng them more difficult for other users to find.


Other Features

Question Notifications

Receive email notifications on new answers by checking the box beneath any question.


If you don't see the checkbox, make sure you are signed in. For any question you find interesting, this will help you keep up with the conversation without needing to navigate to the question page.

When you ask a question, you will automatically receive notifications of answers. To learn about posting a question, see the guide here.

Note: On questions for which you automatically receive notifications because of your topic interests, this box will already be checked. Email notifications for specific questions are still goverend by the selection in your profile for individual or digest emails.

To learn more about email preferences, see the guide here.


You can rate a question or an answer by using the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons.

Answer Rating

If you find an answer helpful, be sure to give it a thumbs up. This helps highlight the most useful contributions for other users.

Private Questions

Some questions are private, and are only visible to members of certain groups. If you see a notice like the one below on a question, then your answer or comment will be hidden to anyone outside the group named.

Group Visibility

To learn about posting a question, see the guide here.


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