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Newsletter and Communication Preferences

Use the Communications Preferences page to sign up for (or opt out of) ICMA newsletters and other communications.

You can find the communications preference page on the Preferences tab of your Knowledge Network profile.

  1. Sign in to icma.org.
  2. Click “Edit Profile” at the top of the page
  3. On the “Preferences” tab at the far right, click “Manage your preferences for other ICMA communications” at the bottom of the page.
  4. You can also manage communication preferences for our partner organization, the Alliance for Innovation, by clicking the link to the preferences page on their website. 

Once you have reached the communications page, select the communications you would like to receive, then click Save Changes  .

Note: You will only see the communications that are available to you based on your membership status. Some communications, like the Member Newsletter and the ICMA News Briefing, are member benefits that are unavailable to other site users. Many newsletters, however, are available to all.

Learn about managing notifications for Knowledge Network posts.


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