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Editing Your Profile - Notification Preferences

Use the Preferences tab to sign up for notifications to be sent to your Knowledge Network inbox as well as your email address.

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You can find the Preferences tab by clicking Edit Profile at the top right of the page when you are signed in. Learn more about editing your profile.

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Knowledge Network Email Preferences

Sign up for Knowledge Network notifications to keep up with the people and issues most relevant to you. Notifications are sent for questions and for group posts. They can be sent to your Knowledge Network Inbox as well as to your email address.

To set your notification preferences, go to Edit Profile and click on the Preferences tab at right.

Email Preferences

Default Email / Email for job alerts

If you have added both a work and a personal email address, you can select which to use for general communications and job alerts here.


The Knowledge Network sends two main categories of notifications.

  • Posts and questions in groups you belong to, and
  • Questions in topics you're interested in.

Select which notifications you want to receive here. (Learn about joining groups and adding your topics of interest.)

If you are a member of a participating organization, you can also opt to receive notifications only from other members.

Email Format

Select how often you would like to receive notifications from the Knowledge Network. Digests include all of the notifications you would have received individually, but are sent less often. Many users find it helpful to set up a rule in Outlook to send their Knowledge Network emails to a separate folder. (Learn more about setting up Outlook rules from Microsoft.)

Note: If you select “No email,” you will still receive notifications in your Knowledge Network Inbox. You may also still receive other communications from ICMA, depending on your communications preferences.

Primary Website

The Knowledge Network is a partnership between ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation. Each organization offers the network at a different domain. Select the website you would prefer your email links to use here.

Click Done  at the bottom right to save your notification preferences.


Newsletter and Other Communication Preferences

The Preferences tab also includes links to manage your preferences for communications from ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation other than Knowledge Network notifications. 


Learn more about managing newsletter and other communication preferences.


More on editing your profile:

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