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Editing Your Profile - Interests & Groups

Use the Interests & Groups tab to add topic intersts, identify yourself as a topic expert, and easily access the groups you belong to.

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You can find the Interests & Groups tab by clicking Edit Profile at the top right of the page when you are signed in. Learn more about editing your profile.

Interests & Groups Tab
Add your topics of interest and expertise in this section.
Your topic interests

The Knowledge Network is organized around 200 topics. The topics you add here will display on your profile and will also determine which question notifications you receive. Learn more about notifications in the Preferences guide.

To add a topic interest, click Start typing topic name. While you type, matching topics appear.

Add topic interest

After you select topics, they will appear in your list of interests.

Topic interests

Click View full topic list to browse the Knowledge Network's directory of 200 local government topics from Accountability to Zoning. You can find the topic directory here.

Your areas of expertise

If you have expertise in a particular topic, share that expertise with the Knowledge Network community by identifying yourself here. A topic you enter here will be displayed on your profile, and you will be listed on that topic's page under "People with expertise."


Listing yourself as a topic expert on the Knowledge Network is a great way to facilitate knowledge sharing in the local government community.



 When you join Knowledge Network groups, they will appear here.


The groups you belong to, except for hidden groups, will appear on your profile. Click the name to go to that group page. To browse and join groups, visit the Groups page.


More on editing your profile:

Return to the Knowledge Network User Guide.

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