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Editing Your Profile - About You

Use the About You tab to edit basic information about yourself for your Knowledge Network profile and edit your member records.

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You can find the About You tab by clicking Edit Profile at the top right of the page when you are signed in. Learn more about editing your profile.

About  You Tab




About You

About You

Use the top section of the page to upload your photo, enter basic information, and set your password.


We encourage all users to upload a picture of themselves for their profile. Adding a photo helps other users identify you, and adds a personal character and the sense of community to the Knowledge Network.

Knowledge Network profile pictures are square. If the image you upload is rectangular, it will be automatically cropped to the a square in the center of your image. To avoid undesirable crops, you may want to first crop your picture yourself using any basic image editing program.

Profile Pic - Square Crop

Once you have selected the best square image, save it to your computer and then upload to your profile.

Profile Picture

Basic Information

Enter your name, designation, language ability, and a brief professional bio to appear on your profile.


If you ever need to change your site password, you can do so here. Click Change password, then enter your new password twice.

Change Password

Click Done  at the bottom of the page to save your new password.

About Your Work

Use the bottom section of the page to enter information about your current position and employer.


Enter your Job title and the name of your Organization or jurisdiction to appear on your profile.

Local Government Options

If you work for a local government, enter its name in the Organization box, then check This is a local government.

About Your Work - Local Government

You will see options to enter your Department name and select one or more local government Functional areas that you work in from a list. Identifying your Job function, like Chief Administrative Officer, Parks & Recreation Director, or Engineer, helps other Knowledge Network users to find you when searching in Who’s Who.

Saving Changes

Some changes are saved as you enter them. Click Done  when you are finished editing this page to be sure that your profile is updated.


Note: If you’re an ICMA or Alliance for Innovation member, the information you enter here is synced with our member database.


Learn more about editing your profile:

Return to the Knowledge Network User Guide.

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