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Who's Who

Use Who's Who to find thousands of ICMA members and other registered Knowledge Network users.

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You can find Who's Who by clicking People & Places on the Knowledge Network menu.

Note: People & Places is only available to users who are signed in to the site.



If you know who you're looking for, just type the name in the search box at top left. Click a name to view the profile.

Search box


Browsing With Filters

If you're not searching for a specific name, use the filter tools on the left to browse all site users by certain profile characteristics.


For example, to browse users who share a current employer, such as a local government, select "Narrow by Current Employer" and enter the employer name.

Filter by Employer

Or, to browse all ICMA members, click "Narrow by Membership" and select "ICMA Members"

Member Filter


Combining Filters

You can combine any filters and search terns to further narrow your search.

Combination Filter

Filters provide many ways to find the local government professionals you want to connect with. Filter by Knowledge Network topic interest to identify users with specific interests. Use the population filter to discover users from communities of a certain size. The job function filter can help you find chief administrative officers, assistants, department heads, or other local government roles.

You might use filters in combination to find, say, public woks directors from small communities with an interest in utilities.

Filter Combination


Clearing Filters

To clear a filter, click the X. Or click "Start over" to clear all filters and search terms.

Clear Filter




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