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Knowledge Network Inbox

Check your inbox to see the latest questions and posts from groups you belong to and topics you are interested in.

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Inbox notifications

The Inbox displays a few types of notifications:

  • Discussion posts from groups you belong to.
  • Questions and answers from topics you are interested in or groups you belong to.
  • Group invitations and other system communications.

As with email notifications, click the links to see the full question or group discussion and add your own contributions.



Setting Your Notification Preferences

To set the notifications you would like to receive, edit your profile and select the Preferences tab. Select "Groups I belong to" or "Topics I'm interested in" to receive those types of notifications in your inbox.

Note: If you have checked either of these boxes, but selected "No email" under email format, you will still receive these notifications in your Knowledge Network inbox.


Learn more about setting preferences.


Archiving your messages

Keep your inbox clean by periodically archiving your messages. Click "Archive all messages" at the top of your inbox to send your messages to the "Archive" tab, where they will be permanently stored for your reference.



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