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Find just the resource you're looking for in the Knowledge Network's library of thousands of documents

The Knowledge Network’s collection of thousands of documents, including reports, case studies, and sample government documents, offer local leaders a wealth of useful information. Many of the requests for proposals, job descriptions, policies, and other resources come straight from the source—the local governments who have created and used them. Use these tips to find the documents that will help you apply the experience and expertise of others in your own jurisdiction.

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Getting to the Document Search Page

You can find documents by clicking “Documents” on the Knowledge Network menu bar, or by typing icma.org/docs or transformgov.org/docs into your browser.

Document Page


Searching for a Document

If you know what you’re looking for, the easiest way to find a document with the Search bar.

Document Search

You can also use the site search, which you'll see in the top right corner of every page. As you type your search term, the drop down will show you the best results from across the site. Click Search Documents for … to go to the document search page, or if you see what you’re looking for right away, just select a title from the Documents list to go straight to that page.

Site Search Bar


Using Topic and Type Filters

To browse documents tagged to a certain Knowledge Network topic, use the topic filter options in the left column.

Topic Filter

Or, to browse by the type of document you're interested in, use the document type filter.  

Document Type Filter

The Knowledge Network document types are:


Local Government Innovation

Report or Article



Request for Proposal

Case Study


Sample Local Government Document

Conference Document


Service Level Agreement

Data Report



Job Description

Project Product

Filtering Tips
  • You can combine topic and document type filters with a search term, and you can select as many filters as you like.
  • The gray number in parentheses next to the topic or type is the number of documents available in that group, based on all of the criteria you have selected.
  • To broaden your search by removing a filter or search term, click the × in the box at the top or click Clear in the filter colum on the left.

Your Search

Documents on Topic Pages

In addition to the main document search page, each of the 200 topic pages features its own document tab. These pages have searching and filtering capabilities identical to the main document page, except they show results from that particular topic exclusively.

Topic Docs

Your Document Results

Documents are displayed chronologically, with the most recent documents first. Results include the document title, type, author, publication  date, and the cover image.

Document Results

The small stars  Rating indicate the average user rating of the document, from one to five stars. You can add your own review and rating on the document page.

The large star icon  Premium indicates Premium Content. Premium documents are only available for download by certain users, most often members of the Alliance for Innovation or members of ICMA. Access to this content is one of the many benefits of membership in the Knowledge Network partner oganizations . Depending on the document, members of one organization may not necessarily have access to Premium Content from the other organization. Documents can also be restricted to the members of certain Knowledge Network groups. However, the vast majority of documents are publicly available.


Submitting a Document

If your jurisdiction has a document of any kind that may be useful to others in the profession, or if your organization or company has a report, article, or white paper to share with local government leaders, submit it to the Knowledge Network. The best resources are those that users contribute, because you know best what works. From the document page, click the Submit a Document button  Sumbit. Once you upload your document and complete the short form, and a your submission will go to a Knowledge Network moderator for approval.


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