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Editing Your Profile

Use your profile to connect with your peers, customize your Knowledge Network experience, and keep your membership records up to date.

Your Knowledge Network profile is the way for your colleagues in local government to learn about and get in touch with you. Knowledge Network users see your profile page when they search for you in Who's Who or click your name anywhere else on the site, like a group or a question.

Use the Edit Profile tools to upload a profile picture, add your work history, and edit contact information. This is also the place to set your topic interests, edit blog settings, and manage your ICMA and Alliance for Innovation communication preferences.

If you are a member of ICMA or the Alliance for Innovation, some of your profile information is synched with your membership records. Updating your information here is the easiest way to keep your record current.


To edit your profile, first make sure you're signed in to the site. Then click Edit Profile at the top right of any page. Or click the "edit your profile" button you'll find on many pages throughout the Knowledge Network:


From there, you'll see several tabs to edit different parts of your profile.

Tab-About You

To learn more about how to use each of these sections, visit these pages:


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