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Knowledge Network User Guide

The Knowledge Network is a networking and knowledge-sharing platform for local government professionals. Learn how to set up a profile, join groups, ask and answer questions, access thousands of documents, and more.

Getting Started

Welcome! Get started here to learn how to set up your account and use the most popular features on the Knowledge Network.

  • Create a New Account Don't have an account yet? Don't worry, it is free and easy to set up.
  • Signing In If you are a member of ICMA or the Alliance for Innovation, you already have an account. Learn how to set or re-set your password and sign in.


Use the search tool to find information and resources from the Knowledge Network and across icma.org. Also see search tools specifically for documents and for people.


Create and maintain a Knowledge Network Profile to tell others about yourself and to manage your preferences and interests. 


Check your Knowledge Network inbox to see the latest questions and posts from groups you belong to and topics you are interested in.


Find and connect with thousands of local government professionals in the Knowledge Network.


All of the content on the Knowledge Network is organized by topic. More than 200 topics cover areas of interest to local governments from accountability to zoning. Each piece of content can be tagged with one or more topics, and every topic has its own topic page, which aggregates all content tagged with that topic. Users can also add their topic interests to their profiles.


Questions are at the heart of the Knowledge Network. They enable local government professionals to share their experience and expertise with colleagues around the world. Get started with questions using these quick guides:


Knowledge Network groups provide local government professionals the opportunity to connect with colleagues, discuss a shared interest, or collaborate on a project.


The  Knowledge Network's Document Library offers a wealth of resources that have been produced by ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation or contributed by members and other professionals in local government.


Use blogs to keep up with local government issues and stories from ICMA, the Alliance for Innovation, and other Knowledge Network users. Post your own blogs to share your experience.


A wiki is a web page that anyone can edit. Use Knowledge Network wikis to read the collected knowledge of the community and to share your own information.


The Knowledge Network is the result of a partnership between ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation. Learn more about the Alliance at transformgov.org.


For technical assistance, contact ICMA's Member and Customer Support center:

Toll free: (800) 745-8780
International callers: (202) 962-3600

For general inquiries or comments, or to report an issue, email:


Alliance for Innovation

Katharine Greenlee

Jason Rollins


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