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Just One Thing

President Bonnie Svrcek is encouraging all ICMA members to do “Just One Thing” in 2013 to get more out of their memberships.


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Timothy Clark

Serving on the Knowledge Network Advisory Board and planning to help with the newly created ICMA student chapter here at UNT. Trying to find ways to encourage MPA students to connect with local professionals through KN.

Anderson Sainci

The City of Dubuque and Sustainable City Network, Inc. are proud to host the 6th annual Growing Sustainable Communities Conference September 24 – 25 at the Grand River Center, Port of Dubuque at 500 Bell Street. The 6th annual Conference is a two-day educational opportunity for municipal professionals, elected officials and business leaders who have a common interest in sustainability. The conference will be held directly preceding the Iowa League of Cities Conference in the same venue.
For additional information about this year conference, visit

Pamela Antil

Serving on the ICMA Conference Planning Committee, the Task Force on Financing and chairing the Task Force on Women in the Profession. Trying to give back as much as ICMA has given me in terms of opportunity!

Michael Willis

Contributing to the work of the ICMA 100th Anniversary Task Force, and in particular to reinforce the 'I' in ICMA

James Bennett

initiated calling each member of the ELDP for one on one conversation as part of my facilitation process....really glad and I now part of my SOP for the group from now on

Bonnie Svrcek

Bonnie Svrcek

Thanks for your commitment, Jim!

Jay Gsell
Jay Gsell said

Bonnie et al- in 2013 , I have been part of ICMA Breaking into local gov task Force as well as mentor in the Emerging leaders program over the past 3 yrs as well as actively participate in the Knowledge Network commentaries and Q&A's. I'm a Credentialed Mgr. have always had the Code of Ethics on display in my office and contribute to the professional Develop. fund and plan on doing these and others professional leadership initiatives going forward.It's about making a difference,effective change and leaving things better than when I/WE found them.

Bonnie Svrcek

Bonnie Svrcek

Thank you for your work, Jay! So proud to have you on our team! Keep up the good work!

Gregory Lewis

I am instituting my first City Citizen Academy!

Bonnie Svrcek

Bonnie Svrcek

Congratulations Gregory!

Gregory Stopka

I plan to create an ICMA Student Chapter at my alum, Augustana College.

Bonnie Svrcek

Bonnie Svrcek

Thank you Gregory! Augustana College could benefit greatly from an ICMA student chapter!

Kaitlin Feldman

Kaitlin Feldman

Hi Gregory, Feel free to email me ( for more information on how to start your student chapter. I would be more than happy to talk with you and walk you through the process! -Kaitlin

Robin Weaver

Being active in ICMA means that I receive more than I've given. This year I've increased my activity by serving on the Legacy Project Now board to encourage women in local government.

Bonnie Svrcek

Bonnie Svrcek

Thank you, Robin! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish!

Jean Moreno

Hi Bonnie...I am ready to take the challenge! I am definitely looking forward to the opportunity to leverage my membership and find opportunities to support and engage with our vast community of professionals.

Bonnie Svrcek

Bonnie Svrcek

Thanks, Jean! Let me know if I can help in any way!

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