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Solar Powering Your Community

A Guide for Local Governments

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by US Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy developed this comprehensive resource to assist local governments and stakeholders in building sustainable local solar markets. This second edition of the guide was updated to include new market developments and innovations for advancing local solar markets that have emerged since the first edition was released in 2009. This updated edition also contains the most recent lessons and successes from the original 25 Solar America Cities and other communities promoting solar energy. The guide introduces a range of policy and program options that have been successfully field tested in cities and counties around the country. The guide describes each policy or program, followed by more information on:

  • Benefits: Identifies benefits from implementing the policy or program.
  • Implementation Tips and Options: Outlines various tips and options for designing and implementing the policy or program.
  • Examples: Highlights experiences from communities that have successfully implemented the policy or program.
  • Additional References and Resources: Lists additional reports, references, and tools that offer more information on the topic, where applicable.

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could give details on how this solar could power local government in lagos state, nigeria

Casey Johnston

Casey Johnston said

Extremely valuable resource for local governments irrespective of size or annual operating budget.

Justin Barnes

Justin Barnes said

A great first step for any local government interested in solar. Easy to understand summaries, numerous examples, and a variety of more detailed articles, reports, and resources to back-up the general information.

Andrea Luecke

Andrea Luecke said

Serves as a great resource on the crucial role local governments play in promoting growth in the solar market. An essential guide for those looking to develop and implement solar programs on the local level.

Jane Pulaski

Jane Pulaski said

You don't want to be without this resource in your solar tool kit. Find out what other communities are doing to advance solar.

web user
web user said

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