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The ICMA Guidelines for Compensation have national implications for maintaining public trust and integrity in local government and positioning professional local government managers as primary stewards of that trust; establishing a best practice for establishing and negotiating compensation for local government executives and staff; ensuring transparency around issues related to compensation of public employees; and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the governing body, local government manager, and employees.

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Wes Hare

Wes Hare said

The guidelines seem to be fair and appropriate. I have reservations about the notion of comparability because it seems to lead to a race to the top. In other words, if one jurisdiction decides to pay a high rate for its own reasons, this then becomes the standard for comparable jurisdictions. The guidelines could suggest using a mean/median comparison.

Scot Simpson

Scot Simpson said

I don't believe ICMA's guidelines should include "for all Employees" Seems like an overreach due to a single event in CA. Let us(ICMA) stick to guidelines for managers.

Regarding transparency section, I feel the same way. It is fine for ICMA to suggest the salary range (or even total compensation) of the manager should be published on the web. However, the entire salary plan should be left to others to decide and opine in guidelines about.

Keep the focus on the "Leaders at the Core of Better Communities".


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