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ICMA 2010 Sustainability Survey Results


The survey was sent to 8,569 local governments. The survey response rate is 25.4%, with 2,176 local governments responding. The survey was developed with the input of ICMA’s Center for Sustainable Communities, the Center for Urban Innovation, Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability (ASU GIOS), the Alliance for Innovation, and others.  Survey distribution was conducted through a collaboration of ICMA, ASU GIOS and the Sustainable Cities Network, a multi-jurisdictional partnership.  The survey was provided in electronic and print formats because the local government response rate is both higher and more scientifically representative than for an electronic survey.

Highlights include:

  • 63% of local governments report conducting energy audits of government buildings
  • 34% have taken actions to conserve the quantity of water from aquifiers
  • 14% have established greenhouse gas limits for the local government

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Curtis Davis

Curtis Davis said

The information is very good to see what steps can be and are being taken in the designated areas. An added component that might be very telling would be the financial condition of the responding municipalities.

Matthew Lawless

Matthew Lawless said

Agreed. I would have liked to see some crosstabs showing differences by type of locality, size, geographic region, or financial condition. The report has a large response rate but may not be representative. Reading, I can't be certain whether my locality is in line with peers or not. But this is a good overview!


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