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Ten Global Cities Reimagined for Sustainable Transport

A recent article in Inhabitat magazine encourages readers to re-envision cities by illustrating how sustainable transport solutions can be integrated creatively into the existing urban fabric. The Institute for Transport and Development Policy (ITDP) chose ten design teams from contrasting cities like Dar es Salaam, Jakarta and Johannesburg.  The proposals exhibited in Buenos Aires, New York and Mexico City show that “architects and urban planners have re- framed the transport issue to make it integral to urban design”. The article also introduces a report, from ITDP, “Our Cities Ourselves: 10 Principals for Transport in Urban Life”, that describes the elements of transportation system with environmental, social, and economic benefits with examples from neighborhoods and cities around the world.

How can your jurisdiction develop sustainable transportation? Check out the following documents on the Knowledge Network that offer local government strategies for smart growth and sustainable planning.

You can also browse the resources on the Knowledge Network’s Sustainability, Smart Growth, Transportation, and Public Transit topic pages. The ICMA Center for Sustainable Communities is also an excellent source for best practice, tools, and resources that help local governments build sustainable communities. 

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