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Getting Started on the Knowledge Network

The Knowledge Network community is filled with resources serving local government professionals. Don't know where to begin? Start here.

Knowledge Network

Thousands of local government professionals share their experience and expertise on the Knowledge Network, a partnership between ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation.

The Knowledge Network is the premier professional networking and knowledge-sharing platform for local government. Launched in 2010, it's the result of a partnership between ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation. Visit the Knowledge Network at icma.org/kn, or learn more about the Knowledge Network.

Whether you're an ICMA member, a city employee, an academic, or anyone else with an interest in local government, this site is for you. The resources below will help get you started. Follow the links to learn more in the user guide.


Setting up your account and building a profile is the first step. Here's how:

1. First things first: signing in
2. Create your profile
  • Upload a profile picture. We'd love to see you!
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself by adding  your job title, your contact information, and your education and work history.
  • Add some topics you're interested in. Not only do your topics help your peers get to know you, they also determine which notifications you'll get from the Knowledge Network. So be sure to pick what's relevant to you!
3. Set your notification preferences

Keeping up with relevant questions and group discussions by email is the easiest way to stay connected with the Knowledge Network. Be sure to sign up for the  ICMA newletters and other communications you want to receive as well.


Once you've set up a profile, it's time to get connected with thousands of other local government professionals and explore the wealth of information on the Knowledge Network. Here are a few places to start.

1. Browse topics

Overwhelmed by the amount of information on the Knowledge Network? Learning topics is your key to finding just the content you're interested in. Browse some of our 87 topic pages to find the local government issues relevant to you.

2. Find your colleagues

More than 42,500 local government professionals are on the Knowledge Network. Use Who's Who to browse their profiles by name, location, job role, and more.

3. Join a group

Groups are your place to connect with colleagues, discuss a shared interest, or collaborate on a project. Join a few groups that are interesting to you. (And if you're a member of ICMA, be sure to check out the ICMA Members group.)

4. Ask a question

When your organization is facing a new challenge, tap the experience and expertise of your colleagues. Asking a question on the Knowledge Network is a great way to get feedback on your idea or hear the story from someone who's been there. 

5. Find a document

Whether you're looking for a sample snow removal RFP or a new report on sustainability, the Knowledge Network's document library has the information you need. Learn how to identify just the resources that will help you serve your community.


Ready to go? Visit the Knowledge Network's homepage and have a look around.

Looking for more help on using the Knowledge Network's features? Visit the User Guide.

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