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Career and Volunteer Opportunities

ICMA International provides career opportunities for international development specialists—and short-term pro-bono opportunities for local government subject-matter experts. For ICMA members and others who would like to work internationally but lack international experience, we provide background, advice, and suggestions. 

Career Opportunities

ICMA seeks international development specialists for a variety of long-term and short-term assignments on donor-funded programs worldwide. Positions for which we are currently recruiting can be accessed directly on the DevHire Web site maintained by Devex. To access it, click the DevHire link and register.

If you are interested in working with ICMA but do not see a current position that matches your background, you can submit your qualifications while you are on the Devex site. Click here for instructions and guidelines.

Pro-Bono Opportunities

By providing pro-bono support, local government chief administrators and their departmental specialists have been instrumental in the success and innovation of ICMA International programs for many years. The credibility and quality of peer-to-peer learning is enhanced by their strong practical knowledge and daily management experience.

In addition, the relationships that begin with an international training and/or technical assistance activity often endure far beyond the life of the funded project, as participants continue to exchange information, best practices, and even visits for years.

If you would like to find out more about pro-bono assignments, join the International Pro Bono & Consultant Opportunities group on the Knowledge Network. Members of the group can pose questions, engage in discussions about their experiences, and receive periodic announcements of opportunities for consulting, speaking, and participating in exchanges or partnerships. You may also send an inquiry to international@icma.org, summarizing your background and area(s) of expertise.

Preparing for international work

If you have not worked internationally but seek to make a contribution beyond the boundaries of your community, ICMA International can suggest ways to prepare yourself for assignments in foreign lands.

Periodically, we offer workshops and other opportunities to find out first-hand what international work is like. In order to prepare for international work, it is important to understand:

  • The language, prerequisites, challenges, and benefits of doing international work focused on local government
  • The goals and expectations of the donor community
  • What training and consulting are like where local government decentralization is just beginning.

Watch for announcements in advance of each ICMA annual conference. For further information, send an email to international@icma.org

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