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Job Seeker FAQ

Welcome to ICMA's new Job Center! Using a new platform, we have integrated the job ads and search features into ICMA's Web site and Knowledge Network. We have some great new features and will add more, based on feedback from users. If you have a request or idea, please send it to careers@icma.org

  1. What are some of the new system features?
  2. What happened to the old resume function and job alerts?
  3. Where can I find career resources?
  4. Jobs are tagged to topic areas? Explain!
  5. What are some of the future features you have planned?
  6. I have another question! 

What are some of the new system features?

Our new job board functionality is now integrated with the ICMA Web site and Knowledge Network, and allows for a more seamless interaction both for advertisers and job seekers. In addition to preserving many of the options of the old site, new features include:

  • An interactive Google map so candidates can view opportunities by geographic region
  • Search and slider features to help customize your search
  • Jobs listings tagged to topic area, so they will "float in" to topic pages in the Knowledge Network
  • The ability to isolate your search by state
  • Employer-provided attachments to listings
  • Search box and jobs appear on the Careers homepage
  • All ads appear by default in the ICMA member newsletter, Leadership Matters. New ads (posted within the last seven days) are flagged with an orange starif they are new to that issue of the newsletter or have been posted within seven days if you're looking at it online. For example:

City of Anytown, IL (population)New 

City Manager. Salary: DOQ

What happened to the old resume function and job alerts?

We discontinued the resume function because there was no easy way to transition it to the new platform, and data showed that relatively few employers were using it. We're developing a new system in conjunction with employers and executive recruiters; in the meantime, we recommend that you complete a detailed online profile.

We discontinued the old job alerts. Instead, set up new job alerts to notify you (within your ICMA notifications or by email) of jobs matching your predefined search criteria. You can manage your job alerts by saving a search, or using the Job Search tab in your ICMA profile.

Where can I find career resources?

You will find them in the Career Resources topic area of the Knowledge Network. You can access useful resources from the dark blue horizontal menu bar, including:

Jobs are tagged to topic areas? Explain!

This is one of several features that makes ICMA's Job Center unique. Each job is tagged by the employers, by job function or department, to the appropriate topic area(s) on the ICMA Web site and Knowledge Network. This means that job listings appear across our Web site, on topic pages, groups, and with relevant questions.

For example, an ad for Sustainability Manager would appear on the Sustainability topic page, in the Sustainability group, or with the Brownfields or Solar Communities groups, ensuring that your ad reaches the widest and most relevant audiences.

What are some of the future features you have planned?

  • Job seeker profiles (expanded from Who's Who)
  • Community profiles: build a profile to help the job seeker understand your community
  • Mentor/coaching match
  • State affiliate posting
  • Location info (e.g. distance from target location), weather, cost of living, and other useful data to assist the job seeker
  • Job alerts, a feature of the old site, will be tested shortly after the new site launches

I have another question! 

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, email careers@icma.org and we'll be glad to help!

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