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Alerts and What's New

  • 04-22-2015: The job center is not applying the member discount automatically. Please contact advertising@icma.org and we will apply a coupon code until the issue is resolved.
  • 04-21-2015: We are in the process of improving ICMA.org to provide you with a better experience. While most of the issues are now ironed out, we are still experiencing some errors with new account creation and new organization entries. Thanks so much for your patience. If you have any additional questions, contact us at customerservices@icma.org or 800-745-8780.
  • Explore the new shortcut to post a job ad: icma.org/postajobad
  • To navigate to your job ads dashboard, use the new shortcut: icma.org/myjobads

My Ad is missing from the state filter!

  • If your ad is not appearing in the state filter, please be sure you have entered the zip code and there are no typos (even extra spaces or truncated characters). Please proofread the address and enter it completely, including zip code, for your ad to appear in the state filter. If the entry is only, "City, ST" then the posting will not appear in a state filter. 

Explore our Frequently ASked Questions below:

  1. What are your advertising rates for job postings?
  2. How do I place an ad?
  3. How long is my ad active?
  4. Can I take my ad down early?
  5. In what newsletters can my ad run?
  6. What are the ad deadlines for the newsletters?
  7. What happened to my old employer login?
  8. My organization doesn't appear in your search list. Help!
  9. Can I pay by purchase order (without a credit card)?
  10. How soon will my ad be available after I submit it?
  11. Can I get a receipt or invoice?
  12. What's this about Topic Areas?
  13. Why is the population data different than our actual population?
  14. I need to make changes to my job ad. How can I do that?
  15. Do you accept faxed or emailed job ads?
  16. What's coming next?
  17. I have another question!

What are your advertising rates for job postings?

Advertising rates have recently changed (in your favor!) with the launch of our new Job Center! Detailed advertising rates are available in the menu on the right.

How do I place an ad?

Our system is self-service, and newly designed to be intuitive and easy, as well as integrated into our Web site and Knowledge Network. Starting on icma.org/careers, you can find "Post a job" in the center of the page, or go to the "Employers" link at the top, or using the image at the bottom left. Existing account holders can begin entering an ad right away.

New customers will need to create for a free account. We will soon have a series of short video tutorials to help get you started. 

How long is my ad active?

Ads are active for 60 days, and renewable easily from your account page. CAO ads also expire after 60 days, but you may renew these ads at no extra charge. Executive searches can take time, and ICMA does not want communities burdened by additional costs for search if the first listing did not generate a sufficient candidate list.

If you have entered a date in the Application Deadline field, your ad will automatically be taken down at the end of the day on that date. If you want to reactivate it withiin the initial 60 day timeframe, just email advertising@icma.org.

Can I take my ad down early?

Yes. To remove your ad early, you can either change the deadline date to the day prior to today (that will remove the ad immediately), or when viewing the ad as the ad owner (you must be signed in), you will see a gray bar below the title and location, but above the map. The copy says, "This advertisement will be active in ICMA’s public job listings until (expiration date). If you would like to take your ad down early, you may "remove this job ad". Job ads cannot be edited after checkout, but email advertising@icma.org if you would like to make any revisions." The copy "remove this job ad" is hyperlinked; clicking on that link will ask you to confirm taking down your ad. The ad will then expire from the job board at the end of the day (11:59pm eastern).

In What newsletters can my ad run?

ICMA has two electronic newsletters for distributing job notices:

Advertisers should determine the level of exposure they would like for the opportunity and select issues accordingly. Current subscription rates are updated on the Advertising Deadlines page.

Both newsletters are electronic-only, and emailed in HTML format to subscribers. Leadership Matters is an ICMA member benefit. The current issue of the Leadership Matters, Nonmember Highlights can be found at icma.org/newsletter/59. 


  • As of May 15, both newsletters are now weekly, and distributed every Tuesday. To ensure your job ad is included in the Tuesday newsletter you want to start your ad, post it in our system by the Friday before. It's that easy!
  • By default, ALL ads are included in Leadership Matters for no additional charge. 
  • In ad rates, price is per newsletter not per issue of the newsletter. So your ad will appear in every issue of the newsletter you select for the ads' live duration (as each newsletter is weekly, that's typically eight issues). 
  • CAO and Deputy CAO ads appear in both newsletters, inclusive of the price.

What are the ad deadlines for the newsletters?

The Advertising Deadlines calendar is available in the menu to the right. The newsletter deadline is the Friday prior to the issue being sent the upcoming Tuesday.

What happened to my old employer login?

If your employer account was created before February 20, 2012, your old employer login has been deactivated, and is no longer necessary. All you need is to create a free ICMA/AFI account and you're all set to post a job. You do not need to be a member of ICMA or AFI to create this account. 

My organization doesn't appear in your search list. Help!

When you are entering the name of your local government or organization, first be sure that you have the radio-button selected on the correct type (local government, or other). Also, when enter the name of the hiring organization start with the organization name only (leave out the words city, town, county, etc.), such as San Antonio or Bend. If the list of communities is long, adding the state will filter your results (such as San Antonio, TX). If your local government or organization still does not appear in the list, please complete our online request form and we will add it to our database, then notify you when it is available.

CAN I PAY by purchase order (without A CREDIT CARD)?

Absolutely - purchase orders are integrated into the new platform for local government employers. Advertisers that do not work for the local government where the job opportunity is located (recruiting firms, for example) may request PO access by emailing advertising@icma.org

The mailing address is printed on the top of the invoice/receipt, all purchase order payments can be sent to:

PO Box 79403
Baltimore, MD 21279-0403

How soon will my ad be available after I submit it?

Ads go online immediately, even when using the purchase order option. If you would like your ad to have a delayed launch, email advertising@icma.org before you complete the payment process and let us know. We can work on the back end to code your ad for a delayed posting.

can I get a receipt or invoice?

Yes! Receipts and invoices are built-in to the new system! Under My Account, you can see your complete jobs history and print out a receipt or invoice copy at any time. You will also receive a copy of your receipt or invoice by email after your ad has been completed. Ads include complete cost and payment information, as well as a copy of the job ad.

What's this about Topic Areas?

Topic areas are a feature of ICMA's Web site and Knowledge Network, where you can find a complete list of topic areas. This is one of several features that sets ICMA's Job Center apart from the competition.

Topic tags help your job opportunity appear across our Web site, in topic pages, groups, and near relevant questions. For example, an ad for Sustainability Manager would appear in the Sustainability topic page, in the Sustainability group, or with the Brownfields or Solar Communities groups, helping your ad reach a wider and more relevant audience beyond direct visits to the Job Center or in the newsletter distribution.

The topic area you select is also the section your ad will be grouped with in the job section of the newsletters (though CAO and Deputy CAO ads will appear under their own heading). You can select one primary topic (for display consistency). In the future we will add back the ability to have additional tags.

Why is the population data different than our actual population?

One of the nice new features of our Job Center is that when you enter your organization’s name, it auto-populates lots of data (pulled from our database). That makes it easier for you, and keeps all the ads consistent. You can edit your organization information once it's populated, using the "Edit organization info" button at the bottom-right before moving to the next tab on screen.

We draw our population data from the most recent census (currently 2000). As soon as the final 2010 census data is available we will update our tables. In the meantime, you can change that data when you place your ad. If you have state-certified population data that is more recent, please email it to advertising@icma.org and we will update our table. We anticipate the new data will be available in June, 2012.

I need to make changes to my job ad. How can I do that?

We've recently made an improvement to allow employers to edit their ad copy! Fields you can edit are:

  • Title
  • Text of your ad
  • Department selection (for newsletter placement and Knowledge Network Tagging)
  • Type
  • Job Location
  • Salary Range
  • Application Deadline, Start Date
  • ICMA-CM Credential
  • Reference #
  • How to Apply

To edit an ad, select the "edit" button for the ad you want to change on "my job ads,"  If you need to make a change to a field that is related to cost (job function, newsletter or other distribution) email advertising@icma.org and we can assist you. 

Do you accept faxed or emailed job ads?

ICMA does not accept job advertisements sent by FAX or email. Our platform was built to be self-service. Staff are available to help with Web issues, discuss strategies for getting the best return on your advertisement investment, troubleshoot system errors, and general platfrorm assistance. It's really easy! Give it a try, and let us know if you run into any trouble.

What's Coming Next?

With a new integrated system, we're able to make future investments. If you have feedback or ideas, please complete the user survey included in each Job Center invoice/receipt. Here are some of the things we have in the works:

  • Job seeker profiles (expanded from Who's Who)
  • Community profiles - build a profile for your community to help the job seeker understand your environment
  • Mentor match
  • State affiliate posting
  • More advertising options
  • Location info (e.g. distance from target location), weather, cost of living, and other data to assist the job seeker
  • Reporting tools

Have a look at the Release Updates (coming soon) page to see what's been rolled-out, and when.

I Have another question!

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, or a suggestion to improve our job board, email advertising@icma.org and we'll be glad to help!

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