Recruitment Guidelines

for Selecting a Local Government Administrator

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Recruiting and selecting a local government manager or administrator is one of the most important responsibilities of a local governing body. It requires careful planning, astute evaluation of candidates, and a clear understanding of the relationship between the local government and the administrator.

This handbook presents guidelines to help council members conduct a successful recruitment process. While no two jurisdictions require precisely the same qualifications and responsibilities from their chief appointed official, the guidelines outlined here provide the basis for determining priorities. These guidelines will enable local government officials to go about recruiting and selecting the best possible professional for their needs.

This handbook includes a discussion of:

  1. Resources available to assist in the process conducting the recruitment
  2. Reviewing applications
  3. Identifying and interviewing finalists
  4. Negotiating compensation
  5. Handling the transition

Exhibits present resources and publications available, suggested interview questions, and a summary checklist and timetable.

Updated and expanded, 2012.

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Patricia Aguilar

Patricia Aguilar said

Excellent resource! Complete packet from the recruitment to the employment agreement. It definitely helped our Governing Board and me to ensure that the District remains compliant with all the laws involved with the recruitment and selection process, up to the employment agreement. Highly recommended. Thank you


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