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This document serves as a model employment agreement template for administrators of municipal governments. Complete in its content, the agreement covers a wide array of topics including business expenditures, performance evaluation, relocation expenses, indemnification, and many more. Provides additional language on various topics, allowing local governments to choose the option which best fits their organization.

ICMA Members can download an editable copy (in Microsoft Word format) immediately to modify to fit their needs.

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James Smith

James Smith said

I have used this and previous versions of the model Agreement successfully in five states and eight communities.

Gary Word

Gary Word said

Excellent resource and guide in employment negotiations!

Jeffery Cantrell

Jeffery Cantrell said

Great instrument if you are looking to tweak your severance provision.


Significant aid for both Council and CAO's!

Carl Slaugh

Carl Slaugh said

Excellent resource material.

Craig Martin

Craig Martin said

Great template with flexibility for various size municipalities.

Xavier Bishop

Xavier Bishop said

Whew! Invaluable resource. No way could I bear the time, cost and research needed to do this on my own. Many thanks.

Thomas Combiths

Thomas Combiths said

Very helpful

Anonymous said

I'm surprised at the recommended 12 months of severance pay, and the other benefits that are extremely decadent compared to the average employee. This may match some of the standards in the corporate world, but when it comes to the public sphere and public money, I don't think we should be emulating those corporate practices.


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