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ICMA Job Hunting Handbook for Local Government Professionals

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Updated and expanded in 2014!

Job hunting can be time-consuming and anxiety-producing! Let us help you in your hunt with the ICMA Job Hunting Handbook. Because job hunting is a fact of life for virtually every university graduate and local government professional, the ICMA Board appointed a Task Force on Job Hunting Resources to review ICMA’s Job Hunting Handbook and expand its focus to include recent graduates and young professionals as well as experienced managers.

This handbook includes a discussion of:

  1. Planning your job-hunt
  2. Finding job vacancies
  3. Creating your resume and cover letter
  4. Preparing for interviews
  5. Negotiating compensation
  6. ...and more!

*This publication is a benefit to ICMA members.

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Miranda Braatz

Miranda Braatz said

Very helpful handbook, would add more value if there were a section on how to conduct a job search and where to look for job announcements, or networking your way to job.

William Underwood

I found it beneficial during my period of searching for a new position.


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