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Acting Manager's Handbook

Information and Advice for Acting Managers

by ICMA Task Force on Serving as an Acting Manager

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When the local government manager's position becomes vacant, someone is bound to be tapped to serve in an "acting" or interim capacity. Often the acting manager is selected from within the organization, and he or she is suddenly faced with an unfamiliar set of roles, responsibilities, and expectations. The ICMA Task Force on Serving as an Acting Manager developed this collection of information and advice to help the acting manager make the most of a sometimes unexpected opportunity.

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David Dillner

David Dillner said

This guide should be updated to include an interim or acting city manager agreement as they would probably be different than an agreement that would be used for a more permanent manager. This would be helpful, especially for communities that do not have the ability to hire from within. The template would give them something to start from in terms of negotiating a temporary agreement.

Arthur Osten

Arthur Osten said

More good info for MITs, especially since the Interim Manager position is becoming increasingly common.


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