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ICMA Strategic Plan

The ICMA Strategic Plan was approved by the ICMA Executive Board in September 2008 after ICMA members completed a two-year strategic planning process.

The strategic plan presents ICMA’s vision, mission, and core beliefs, followed by outcomes the plan seeks to achieve and the strategies ICMA will employ to implement the plan. The downloadable strategic plan report includes the environmental scan and survey results and analysis used to develop the final product. A summary of key plan concepts is provided below.

Vision Statement

We are the premier association of professional local government leaders building sustainable communities to improve lives worldwide.

Mission Statement

To create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional local government management.

ICMA Core Beliefs

We believe in:

  1. Serving as stewards of representative democracy.
  2. Practicing the highest standards of honesty and integrity in local governance, as expressed through ICMA’s Code of Ethics.
  3. Advocating for professional management as an integral component of effective local governance and community building with council-manager government as the preferred local government structure.
  4. Building sustainable communities as a core responsibility of local government.
  5. Networking and exchanging knowledge and skills across international boundaries.
  6. Ensuring that local governments and the association reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.
  7. Committing to lifelong learning and professional development.
  8. Building up the quality of the profession and the association through an engaged network of members personally committed to that end.

Leadership. Local government management is a profession of innovative, competent, principled leaders committed to promoting the integrity of local governance, meaningful community participation, and representative democracy. Managers work with elected officials and in concert with citizens and partners to facilitate community building and engage around issues that cross boundaries and borders. Professional local government managers are dedicated to sustainability; stewardship of public resources; and sound, results-based management principles to help create communities that improve the quality of life for everyone.

Professional local government management attracts and cultivates a diverse and talented group of individuals dedicated to these high ideals. Professional local government managers are the standard-bearers for ethical conduct and the advocates for professional management and principles of sound local governance. ICMA is the association of choice for members of the professional local government management community and a model of effective outreach and collaboration with other associations, institutions, and stakeholders.

Professional Development. Professional local government managers seek continually to improve their capabilities. Renewing themselves through lifelong learning, managers acquire new expertise and develop their leadership skills to build better communities. ICMA serves as a source of professional development for its members throughout their careers in public service.

Knowledge Sharing. ICMA is the preeminent source for information about leadership and management of local government. ICMA promotes, supports, and engages in sharing member experiences and enthusiasm to create understanding and appreciation of national and global perspectives that can enhance local government, community building, and the effectiveness of public services.

Member Engagement and Support. ICMA fosters an active and engaged membership dedicated to contributing to and improving the association. The association promotes and embraces diversity among its members, including a governing board that reflects ICMA’s membership and the communities served. ICMA is a source of personal support and renewal for its members throughout their life in public service. The association is committed to strengthening strategic partnerships on behalf of members and providing the highest quality products and services to its members.

The ICMA Executive Board has approved this version of the ICMA Strategic Plan, which was presented to the membership at the 2008 annual business meeting held during ICMA's annual conference in September 2008. The strategic plan was developed by a 40-member 2006–2008 Strategic Planning Committee chaired by ICMA Past President Dave Mora.

Click here to view the new ICMA Strategic Plan.


2008 Strategic Plan (pdf, 789 KB)

FY2010-2012 ICMA Financial Plan (pdf, 423 KB)

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