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To use, reproduce, copy, or redistribute the ICMA logo, send an e-mail request to  customerservices@icma.org. Download an abbreviated version of the logo usage guidelines before using the logo.

Feel free to use the RGB versions of the ICMA logo below to link from your Web site to the ICMA Web site.  Do not use ICMA's logo without permission to state or imply endorsement of your organization, product, or service.

Strategic Partner Usage of the ICMA Logo

ICMA is proud to promote our connection with our strategic partners, but at the same time we cannot appear to endorse specific products or services. To that end, we ask all of our strategic partners to use our logo and name as follows:

  • You may place our logo and reference being a strategic partner on your website, as long as it placed in a manner that does not imply endorsement of a specific product or service. 
  • Please do not place our logo or name on marketing materials for specific products or services. But you are welcome to use our logo and name on materials that talk about your company as a whole. 
  • In advance of creating materials using our logo, please send a sample of the material or a link to the website. 
  • If you make changes to the page or materials at a later date, or develop new materials using our logo, please notify us and provide a sample.

Color Palette

ICMA's web color palette includes the following colors:

Blue          213E7A
Gold          AE8B2F
Light Blue          6E96C9
Orange          CC8028
Green          9CA53A
Gray          7A7B7F


ICMA Logo Standards Quick Reference (pdf, 270 KB)

ICMA Master Brand Stack Tagline 4-Color (eps, 524 KB)

ICMA Master Brand Stack Tagline Black (eps, 521 KB)

ICMA Master Brand Stack Tagline Reverse(White) (eps, 508 KB)

ICMA Master Brand Stack Tagline RGB (eps, 748 KB)

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