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2016-2017 ICMA Executive Board

First Row (left to right) –Carl Harness, Chief Human Services Administrator, Hillsborough County, Florida (Southeast region), Robert O’Neill – ICMA Executive Director, David Johnstone -  City Manager, Candiac, QC Canada (President-Elect), Pat Martel, City Manager, Daly City, CA (Past President), Lee Feldman, City Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida (President), Marc Landry, Chief Administrative Officer – Town of Beaumont, Canada (International region), Dennis Hovenden, Chief Executive Officer, Frankston VIC Australia (International region)

Second Row (left to right) – Patrick E. Klein, Assistant City Manager, Kansas City, Missouri (Midwest region), Frans G. Mencke, City Manager, Hoorn, Netherlands (International region), Bruce Channing, City Manager, Laguna Hills, California (West Coast region), Stephanie J. Mason, Township Manager, Doylestown, PA (Northeast region), Daryl Delabbio, County Administrator/Controller, County of Kent, Michigan (Midwest region) Carlos Baia, City Manager, City of Concord, New Hampshire (Northeast region),  Martha J. Bennett, Chief Operating Officer, Metro Council, Portland, Oregon (West Coast region), James G. Jayne, County Manager, Navajo County, Arizona (Mountain Plains region)

Third Row (left to right) - William Hammon, Assistant City Manager, City of Alcoa, Tennessee (Southeast region),  Jim Malloy, Town Manager, Town of Westborough, Massachusetts (Northeast region), Lon Pluckhahn, City Manager, City of Marion, Iowa (Midwest region), Susan Sherman, Assistant City Manager, City of Olathe, Kansas (Mountain Plains region), Jeffrey Towery, Springfield, Oregon (West Coast region), Bert Lumbreras, Assistant City Manager, City of Austin (Mountain Plains region), Charles M. Duggan Jr., City Manager, Auburn, Alabama (Southeast region)


How the ICMA Executive Board Functions

ICMA’s 21-member Executive Board acts in the capacity of directors, overseeing the organization’s financial, member-related, and programmatic affairs and selecting the ICMA president. The board also enforces the organization’s Code of Ethics, which governs the professional and personal conduct of the membership. Board members attend four board meetings annually.

The ICMA Executive Board is made up of the president, president-elect, past president, and 18 vice presidents. Three vice presidents are from each of the organization’s five U.S. regions (e.g., the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Mountain Plains, and West Coast); with the remaining three vice presidents coming from countries outside the U.S.

ICMA Executive Board Roster.

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