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How to Start a Partnership

USAID Missions and U.S. local governments are invited to participate in CityLinks™ partnerships under a new USAID Leader with Associates agreement. CityLinks engages not only cities but also counties, regional councils, special districts, urban service organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and other entities that have resources or expertise to share in the following interrelated and broadly defined areas:

  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation, including responses to drought and water shortages, environmental pollution, and other threats
  • Built environment and infrastructure management, including solid waste collection, landfills, access to water, water/wastewater facilities, recycling programs, land use, and community facilities planning
  • Food security, including nutrition programs and access to affordable, healthy foods.

Information for USAID Missions

USAID Missions can access CityLinks through a Leader with Associates (LWA) that provides a proven, cost-effective resource for development programs. The LWA has a three-fold purpose, addressing interrelated technical areas that are of paramount importance in today’s rapidly urbanizing world, with a particular emphasis on the needs of the urban poor, especially women and children: 

  • To improve climate-related governance and systems in targeted urban areas
  • To increase resilience of vulnerable communities in cities of Feed the Future focus countries
  • To improve water supply and sanitation access in Global Health Initiative countries.

The USAID Agreement Officer's Representative (AOR) for the program is Nancy Leahy (

Information for U.S. Local Governments

Local governments and related entities in the United States have significant expertise to share with their counterparts in developing and transitioning countries. The CityLinks program offers an opportunity to share knowledge and experience in a rewarding international partnership. Click here to learn more about the program and how to apply.

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