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Coaching Corner Overview

As many local government executives retire, the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program aims to prepare talented mid-career professionals to take their places in senior management roles.

This program serves audiences beyond California with ICMA and fourteen ICMA State Association Partners (Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin) sharing these resources on best practices and career development in local government.

detailed 2015 coaching program Brochure AvailablE here

Register now for 2015 webinars

There is no charge to register. Each webinar requires its own registration. Click on a webinar below to register. We encourage you toregister even if you are unable to atend the live session. You will receive an automatic notice when the digigal recording is available.

Missed a webinar?  Watch it full screen 24/7.  High quality, full screen video recordings are available for these and other webinars. Click here for the Agendas & Archives.  The Agendas include a PDF of the presentation materials which you can download or print with our browser controls.  The Videos are now in mp4 format, and you can click on full screen for personal or group viewing and discussion.

overview of 2015 WEBINAR SCHEDULE available here

some of the major innovations for 2015

  • Expanded surveying of leaders across the U.S. for the most compelling topics.
  • Mix of times to accommodate different schedules.
  • Continued upgrades to the Agenda packets for each webinar so that attendees have valuable resource materials to expand learning and exchange sample materials that will help your members put ideas into practice quickly and effectively.
  • Continued attention to integrated audio and video digital recordings so that people who can't make the scheduled times can view at other times. This includes full-screen video options for group viewing. Now any agency and any person with internet access can have a high quality viewing experience in mp4 format.


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Questions or suggestions? Please Contact Don Maruska, Master Certified Coach; Director, Cal-ICMA Coaching Program;

Past Years' Programs --

2014 Coaching Program Webinars

2013 Coaching program webinars

The Cal-ICMA Coaching Program entered its 10th year in 2013 and continues to expand services to support the profession.  In 2012, over 3,000 attendees participated in the webinars, with more than 4,000 attendees in the program overall.  Six new webinars were featured in 2013.

The descriptive brochure for the complete 2013 program is available here.

"Navigating Staff-Board Relationships--handling tough issues with elected officials" Wednesday, February 27. Click on "Agendas & Archives" for a recording of this session as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

"Managing Employee Compensation--issues and options" [cosponsored with CSMFO] Wednesday, March 20. Click on "Agendas & Archives" for a recording of this session as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

"Resiliency and Renewal--nurturing yourself and your organization" Wednesday, April 24. Click on "Agendas & Archives" for a recording of this session as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

"Economic Development--new strategies and best practices" [cosponsored with CSMFO] Wednesday, September 11. Click on "Agendas & Archives" for a recording of this session as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

"Managing Human Capital--best practices in hiring, developing, and leading talent" Thursday, October 17. Click on "Agendas & Archives" for a recording of this session as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

"Key Skill Sets for the 21st Century--what's changed and how you can respond" Thursday, November 14. Click on "Agendas & Archives" for a recording of this session as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

Notes About the Webinars

a) Serving broad audiences: Each webinar offers value for up and comers, mid-managers, and senior managers.

b) Welcoming your suggestions for outstanding presenters: We invite your suggestions for presenters. Typically, each webinar includes engaging presentations from three leaders in the field sharing a diversity of perspectives, best practices, and concrete resources.

c) Supporting individual and organizational success: We encourage organizations to form groups to attend the webinars (live or recorded). The agenda for each webinar includes suggested post-webinar discussion questions.

d) Providing detailed Agendas for each webinar (including specific topics and presenters): These are available two weeks in advance of each webinar. You'll find them at the "Agendas & Archives" tab of the Cal-ICMA Coaching page.

e) Registering in advance for each webinar: Each webinar requires its own advance registration. Notices with agenda information and registration details become available two weeks in advance of each webinar. The easiest way to receive notices automatically is through the complimentary email list. Sign up here

f) Offering additional resources to support your career success: Be sure to visit the Cal-ICMA Coaching page for a wide range of resources, including information about 1-1 coaching with volunteer coaches, Career Compass columns, and other resources.

2012 Coaching Program Offerings

For a re-cap of the 2012 program offerings, check out the 2012 Cal-ICMA Coaching Program Brochure. It provided the details, including dates, times, topics, and descriptions for all six 90 minute sessions.

Cal-ICMA Coaching Program Goals

Through a volunteer network of experienced local government executives and senior assistants serving as coaches, the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program aims to:

  • Support the professional and personal development of new and aspiring managers.
  • Encourage an ethos of mentoring and coaching at all levels in the local government management profession.
  • Provide opportunities for successful local government managers to share their expertise in ways that are effective, efficient, and personally rewarding.
  • Click here for the new 2012 Cal-ICMA Coaching Program brochure.

Target Groups

The Coaching Program focuses on the development needs of two groups:

  1. New local public agency executives or persons applying to become local public agency executives to enhance their prospects for success through targeted support at their critical initial stages of leadership responsibility.
  2. Up-and-coming local government management talent to outline career pathways and opportunities, provide guidance and support on ways to prepare for advancement, and enrich the network of relationships and resources to enjoy rewarding careers.

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