Oak Ridge, TN RecycleBank: Bonus points for your trash

by R. Neal

Oak Ridge, TN has partnered with RecycleBank to offer an  interesting and innovative program to residents in East Tennessee. With the help of Waste Connections, this program lets residents track the environmental impact of their recycling efforts and earn points redeemable with over 900 participating companies.

RecycleBank partners with local municipalities or waste haulers to give households a recycling cart with an ID tag on it. Residents fill up their single-sort carts weekly with recyclables and RecycleBank then measures the amount of material each home recycles, and converts that activity into RecycleBank Points. The more a household recycles, the more "Points" they earn.

Participants can watch their RecycleBank Points grow online at with each weekly pick-up, as well as learn about their personal environmental impact through recycling. RecycleBank Points can be redeemed with over 900 national and local reward partners like Kraft Foods and The program is successfully operating in hundreds of thousands of homes across 15 states – and growing quickly. It’s a revolutionary idea that’s changing the way cities think about economics and the environment.

For more information, visit or call (888)727-2978. 

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