3 Alliance Members Selected as Finalists for Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge

Alliance Members Durham, NC, Hillsboro, OR and Phoenix, AZ were among the 20 finalists selected to receive $9,000,000 in prize money. The Mayors Challenge is a competition to inspire American cities to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life – and that ultimately can be shared with cities across the nation. There will be one grand prize winner, awarded $5,000,000 and four $1,000,000 awards. The cities of Durham, Hillsboro and Phoenix, along with 17 other finalists, will attend the Ideas Camp in December. The five finalists will be selected after the December Ideas Camp. The three Alliance members’ projects are detailed below, with descriptions taken from the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor’s Challenge website.

Durham, NC

“Durham will "create Proof of Concept Community labs within three economically-distressed communities to foster a holistic entrepreneurship ecosystem for residents, students and businesses to create bold change at the neighborhood scale."

Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro will "create transportation hubs – based on a just-in-time, coordinated management model – throughout the community that connect neighborhoods and employment sites with sustainable transportation options. The GoPoint platform is built upon new, innovative transportation technologies and services – some promising and many already proven in urban areas – that allow citizens to use alternate travel modes such as bike sharing, car and ride sharing, personal rental cars, hourly rental cars, vanpools, and other means. GoPoint Hillsboro will leverage the largest existing local electric vehicle infrastructure network to increase the availability and use of electric vehicle transportation and these additional sustainable transportation modes."

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix will create "community-driven 'smart-energy districts' that improve neighborhoods, reduce the urban heat island, and maximize energy diversity – in order to transform Phoenix into the Smartest Energy City in the World by. The city, working in partnership with its resident-driven Innovation and Efficiency Task Force and 15 Urban Village Planning committees, will create customized districts in its 15 urban cores. Each district will identify its unique attributes and challenges while accomplishing citywide common goals utilizing a master matrix of energy-smart options such as cool roofs, smart grids, energy efficiency, renewable energy, vacant lot transformation, code development / incentives, education, climate adaptation, trees and shade, waste to energy, urban agriculture, green transportation infrastructure, and transit-oriented development."

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