Sign up now for the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement!

As an added bonus, you can receive a free one-year ICMA membership!

Want to measure your performance more closely in the new year? Enroll today in ICMA’s Center for Performance Measurement (CPM)!

As a manager, performance measurement is essential to helping you make evidence based decisions and demonstrate progress in your jurisdiction. The ICMA Center for Performance Measurement (CPM) is ready to help move your jurisdiction forward through our comparative performance measurement programs.

Now there is an added benefit to joining CPM. When joining our CPM Comprehensive program a staff member in your jurisdiction can receive a free year of ICMA membership. (Please note that this free membership is not available to current ICMA members).

The deadline to enroll for our next cycle is January 15, 2013. For more information, visit our Programs page where you can view the benefits of CPM participation. You can also listen to an informational webinar on the Comprehensive program or CPM 101 program.

We know that selecting the right performance management program can be confusing, CPM is happy to explain our program offerings to you to ensure you get the right fit. Contact us (; 202-962-3585)

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